Monday, June 11, 2007

5 more weeks

In 5 weeks I will be going to the Flores, Azores. So here is a little Denise history- I was privileged to be raised by my grandparents, Antonio & Josefina Teodosio (Yes, my Josie is named after her great grandma, or "Vava" which we call her), from the age of 3-6. My mother realized she couldn't care for us, and decided that my dad's parents could provide a home for us. My Grandparents (and Dad) are from Flores, Azores ( an island in the Atlantic Ocean off of Portugal). Their story and how they made a home here is amazing, and I will share it over the next few weeks. Their constant love and care for me has shaped my life. God was generous in writing them into my life. But first I'll tell you that my grandmother is a talented crocheter and knitter, and that over the last 33 years she has crocheted and knitted into me the Portuguese language, foods, smells, festivities, and stories of Flores. I have seen many pictures of Flores, and imagined myself in every one. I have spoken to relatives with hopes of meeting them, I have dreamt of seeing the hot springs, hills covered in hydrangeas, the soccer field where my young grandfather played "futball," the cliffs he dove off of, the fields they worked, and so much more. We have had many discussions about "when we go," but because of circumstances have never had the opportunity to go, till now. I will be traveling with my grandmother, sister, brother-in-law, and my daughter Emilie. I am overwhelmed! Because in a way I am going home, to a place I have never been, but have always known. Is there any where you've been waiting to go? Is there anyone who has woven your heritage into your life?


  1. I'm jealous--can we tag along?

    Last December, several of my co-workers stopped in the Azores for two nights on the way back from Sicily.

    Do they eat fish tacos there?

  2. Spinner, It would be a relief to have some Americans with me (since it will be all portigies all the time- aahhhh).
    Fish Tacos- yuck! I don't like fish. Yes, I am a disgrace to the family.
    Btw- next trip is to D.C. to stay with you guys (but don't hold your breath).

  3. I'm so excited for you. Let's go out for fish tacos - Robertiotos (next to Costco) has the best in town. yum!

    be sure to bring home a new receipts from the homeland.

    love you

  4. I'm jealous too !! I do like fish but am deadly allergic :( !! My Great-Great-Great Grandparents immigrated\eloped from Ireland in the late 1800's. and We have a origanl family tree from our German annsestors dating back to the early 1300's, they where "Lords and Ladys", and ship captians "!! Cool Huh ! You must be so exsited !! And a lifetime experiance for both you and Emilie !!

  5. Holly, I am assuming you want me to bring recipes from the homeland, and not "receipts." You must have numbers on the mind, unless you are thinking of going to the Azores, and want an idea of costs. If that is the case, you will have to take me with you since I am the only Portigy you know :-)