Monday, August 20, 2007

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school. I am now mommy and teacher to a Kindergartner, 3rd and 4th grader- Aahhhhhhh!
Josie was lying in her bed asleep last night as I sat next to her in tears, "please don't grow up, please, please, please stay little." I spent their little years dreaming of what they'd be like when they were big, now I spend their days wanting so much for them to be little.
Josie woke ready to learn, ready to begin the next chapter of her life. I can cry for the pages of life not to turn, I can sit at the bedside of each of my children pleading with God to let me keep them just as they are, I can attempt to hold the pages open a bit longer, but then I must mourn their turning, kiss them good bye and tell them how I love them, and finally- I must turn with them. Thankfully I know the One who turns the pages, and I know the One who has written their lives. I come to him with great expectations knowing he has more for them than I can grasp or imagine.

Because we homeschool, we want to make the first day of school a memorable day for the kids. We always start the school year off with a special first day of school breakfast.
And we always take first day of school pictures (the school photographer is hot! So is the guy who works in the school cafeteria).
I have to point out that Josie is wearing my dress from when I was little.
And of course a class picture too!

Here are some words from Sarah Markley's blog the best days of my life
"Its my selfish wish that they will run ahead as fast as they safely can, but really never lose sight of where they came from."


  1. Denise, what a BEAUTIFULLY written post. Thanks for quoting me (too funny). You have an amazing mother's heart! Yours are a bit older than mine, but I am so feeling the "please don't get any bigger" feeling lately. I bet it comes with the beginning of school. Happy homeschooling!

  2. way cool :) !! your kids are so cute :) !! Happy First Day of School :) !!!

  3. I, too, began homeschooling my youngest this year. He is all too ready to grow up, but I am determined to wring out every extra cheek-kissing, monkey-hugging, cuddling, hand-holding, tickling second out of him that I can! I, too, have those moments when I can't imagine life without a small child in it... but, as a wise friend of mine said recently, "I've had my children, now it's time to raise them."

    p.s. On another subject entirely...
    I loved your story about the visit to costco. It is so very good to know that other NORMAL people also have what I call "alzheimer's moments!" I think it's motherhood... my brain can only multi-task so much without misfiring occassionally! :)