Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Blog Worthy

So here are a few things that are blog worthy (that i am a bit behind posting on).
for Valentine's Day (yes, i know that was like weeks ago) i braided Emilie's hair into a heart. i am a very cool mommy like that.

Recently the kiddos and i went to a ground breaking ceremony for the new Minarets High School. This high school is scheduled to open in fall of 09, and will likely be the high school our children attend. We loved being a part of the celebration, and look forward with anticipation, hope, and prayer for the school, administration, staff, and students. What fun it will be having a photo of them in 6-8 years (when they are in high school) from now with actual buildings behind them.


We spent some time with good friends Jeff & Kelly Hayes. We enjoyed good food, good company, and good play!

i love this man! He makes me feel beautiful and loved (when i am being ugly and unlovable). He sees in me what i do not see in myself. i am blessed.

What does one do when they have a burn pile??? Make smores! Uh huh, Michael's idea... a good man never lets fire, marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers go to waste.

The kiddos have had 2 fun ski days (for school). First with Daddy, Gramps, and Nana. Then another with Uncle Christopher, cousins Luke and Nicholas, and Rick Jackson. Where was i? in a book store, having coffee, browsing through shops, eating good food, at the movies... Where was i not? cleaning the house, teaching school, answering the phone, paying bills, refereeing, driving taxi.

Now i am going to go take a blog worthy nap!


  1. Yeah for all your blog worthy things!

    The hair - amazing - you are talented!

    A new school, how exciting. Are you homeschooling just through elementary school?

    The smores - Yummy!

    Skiing - how fun for your kids and hubby! I am with you - give me a book, shopping - I am a great chalet mom :o)

  2. Total cuteness. My favorite is the hair - how DID you do that? I am NOT a cool mommy that way. I never did learn to french braid, can you believe it? I did try, though. I'm all thumbs.

  3. Wow that hairdo is amazing. Did not know that was humanly possible. I'm sure she was the envy of all her friends! If I had a little girl, she would be so not happy with me in the braiding department.

    That picture of your kiddos in front of where their school will be built is going to be priceless someday when you take a picture of them in their graduation caps in the same spot!

  4. Denise---
    YOU are Blogworthy!

    Loved, really loved the hair. My daughters would love it! Hmm...

    You have a beautiful family. And yes, the school picture will be pretty cool down the road!

  5. I am so impressed by the hair! You have definite 'tress talent'. The rest of the pics were fun too.....you and your hubs make such a cute couple!

  6. okay, please give me skiing lessons and hair braiding lessons. Love it! I thought you must have taken her to the kids-hairdo store! I guess not. Way to go, talented-Denise...not weak, but a mighty woman of God!!!! (Don't forget it)

  7. UNBELIEVABLE braiding! You are the coolest mom ever. I just taught my 11 year old how to make a gum wrapper chain, does that count for anything?

  8. What, we aren't worthy enough to be on your blog?
    J/K.....I know the Hayes' are the ones who are your friends. Hope you all are well!
    Robin (pumpkin brain)

  9. Hi, I found your site through Renee. Just have to say, that your daughter's hairdo is fantastic! I would love to braid my girl's hair like that (of course, first it has to grow longer).