Wednesday, September 9, 2009

sometimes i laugh so hard i wet myself!

lisa, julie, and i. that's how the days of my young life were spent, with them- sharing clothes, talking 'bout boys, sleep-overs, bad hair cuts, passing letters in class, school plays, break-up tears, sun bathing (after lathering up in mineral oil, or worse- butter!), summer camp, catering (julie's family owned a catering business that i worked at for 6 yrs), football games, school dances, sweet 16, getting our drivers licenses, prom, graduation, first apartments, fiances, weddings, babies...25 years.

i wouldn't be who i am today if it weren't for these two beautiful women. i KNOW that God wrote them both into my life.

i was in 6th grade the first time i felt delighted in, and it was lisa who delighted in me. she chose this quirky, insecure, broken, 10 yr old girl to be her friend. she didn't care that i got the "free cheese," she didn't seem to notice. she noticed ME. she WANTED me for a friend (just thinking about it makes me tear up). do you know what it is like to have someone want you, when for 10 yrs no one has wanted you? well let me just say i DANCED in our friendship! i came alive because of this friendship. i moved toward believing i was wanted, delighted in, and worthy.
4 yrs later lisa invited me to Hume Lake Christian Camp (tears)... and here i am was in 7th grade music/drama class that i first met julie. i can tell you exactly where she was standing, how i took one look at her, and decided then and there we were going to be friends. i soon discovered that julie and i were so much alike. first, we had the same interests,which at that time were music, drama, and dance (i was a horrible dancer. julie would work with me after school to help me learn routines). we were both born to teenage parents (and by the same o.b.!) we both came from portuguese families (if you are portuguese you will understand the significance). we understood and empathized with the others family chaos, and we both longed for Jesus and a Life of victory in Him. in a season when life can feel so awkward and isolating, our friendship caused me to believe that i fit in simply because i fit in with her. i think we all need to feel like we belong, even to just one person.
i recall two times in our 25 years of friendship where God has used julie to speak Truth over my life. Truth that on both occasions saved my enjoy this our final day together from this trip (this next video is a bit like watching the movie Ground Hog's Day, as i include 3 attempts to introduce the day).

and tell me have you ever laughed so hard you have wet yourself?


  1. hmm, not sure i can remember laughing so hard i wet myself. i think i need to come for a visit so you can make me laugh that hard :o)

    you are so funny!

    what i love about you: you make me laugh, our friendship is so comfortable and natural it feels like i have known you since i was 10, and you know how to make me feel special and loved.

    i love you friend!

  2. Denise,

    You know I just love all your vlogs because I love who you are. It gives me much more insight into what a great mom you are based on hearing your voice and seeing you in action.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. Nice necklace!
    Ready to see more video of the pancakes and Am History!

  4. I love laughing like that (the pure joy, not the pee). I feel so blessed that I have so many of those times shared with my children - who think of me as so funny.

    I do so love your words about friendship. I often am simply amazed that my friends....chose me!

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. hey girl. first of all, i love you and miss you. i hope you are well.

    let's talk on the phone soon.

    your pix of the cathedral are amazing. looked just like some i took of Ely and Canterbury cathedrals in England.


  6. Can't say I've ever laughed so hard I've wet myself- tears yes, pee no.

    What a blessing to be friends with such wonderful women. Your words about them are so beautiful.

    I love the way you put it:
    "i KNOW that God wrote them both into my life"