Saturday, October 24, 2009

fall colors

the kids have been out of school this week for fall break. i had comedown with the october homeschooling blues, and fall break was the perfect remedy to cure this illness. i needed to be mommy again, and give the teacher a rest. i needed them to be MY kids again, and not my students. so we decorated the house for fall, went to a movie, made tasty treats, played in the sunshine, turned the music up REALLY LOUD (sorry neighbors), and we DANCED!


  1. Sounds like the perfect remedy!! Isn't it nice to just breath and enjoy one another? I love all your cute treats and decorations. :)

  2. How very festive of you :)
    I am so stealing that candy corn rice krispies idea!
    My kids would have so much fun making...and eating those!

  3. super fun. wish i was your kid. =)

    btw, hope still calls noah "bob". she thinks its hilarious.

  4. what a fun fall break. i love the candy corn rice krispie treats and painted pumpkins.