Sunday, November 1, 2009

bringing home the bacon chocolate

after the kids were dressed up in their halloween best, we loaded them up and took them to a local church to "trunk or treat."
before exiting the van, we had a very important discussion with the kids...
me: okay, here we are. now this is your one chance a year to earn your keep.
emilie: what does that mean?
michael: to provide for the family
the kids were puzzled.
me: some people say that a man provides for his family by bringing home the bacon.
emilie: but daddy doesn't bring home bacon.
noah & josie: we like bacon, i want daddy to bring home bacon!
michael: bacon means money, and this is your chance to bring home the bacon.
josie: i thought we were getting candy?
me: you are getting candy, and chocolate is bacon. now provide for the family kids, mommy needs CHOCOLATE!


  1. Oh my goodness. They are ADORABLE!!! Love their costumes!

  2. Most of the time I lurk in the shadows, reading your every post and enjoying the way you think. Sometimes I even cry. Sometimes I pray for you.

    Today I have to say how darling your children are...but how could they miss with parents like you and Michael?

    Blessings to you.

  3. Totally laughed at your bacon conversation!
    Hahahahahaha.....still laughing :)

    Now on to the costumes.
    You are so creative! The kids look great, and the picture collages are awesome!

    Hope they got tons of bacon for you :)

  4. i have to point out that the annie costume was mine from the early 1980's.
    noah thought of and put his costume together without any help from us.

    mu kids are growing up fast. i have just a few years left of then bringing home the

  5. Hilarious conversation! I love the costumes, especially Miss Longstocking.

  6. Hi Blogger Friend, Cute cute!! Josiah was Pipi too!! Great minds think alike.... maybe I will find time to post some picts soon....
    How did you get Josie's hair to hold such great curl??