Sunday, July 1, 2007

Big Emily's Wedding

We had a terrific weekend celebrating and being a part of Emily (Durrell) Mac Gibbon's Wedding! We have known Big Emily (as we lovingly refer to her) since 1993 when she was an 8th grader, yikes! Later she was one of our Young Life kids, favorite babysitter, co-worker, and friend. We have loved Emily for many years, and we are thrilled that she has married the man God wrote for her. Paul adores her. It is wonderful to see her be loved and delighted in.


  1. great job michael! your kids are adorable, can't wait to love on them tomorrow! have michael send me the link to look at more of the pics from the wedding.

  2. Wow.
    I want to get married again. To Sheffie of course, but can Michael take the pictures?
    Emily D. looks beautiful.

  3. Julie, I want to get married again (to Michael of course), and have him photograph the wedding.
    Maybe I'll just put on my dress for a day, get hair and make up done, and have him photograph me. Sheffie can have another chance to "I do" us. Does he still have the Pizza Factory note pad for his wedding notes?
    To bad I wouldn't fit in my dress, and Michael would have to spend more time digitally working on each photo to make me look 22 again.

  4. i love the photo from your wedding. your grandfather's kiss was so sweet. i always loved your hair done that way. josie's headpiece from big E's wedding reminds me of yours.


  5. Nice pictures! I would love to get married in an event venue just like this. It is so beautiful and close to nature. I really liked the pictures a lot. The couple looks stunning together. I am marrying my best friend this year and I am very excited about it.