Monday, July 9, 2007

Less than a week till the Azores!

When I think about it, aahhhh! I can't believe I am going. Somebody pinch me!
So, if you have traveling experience...
What do I need to take?
What can I leave behind?
What will make a long flight more enjoyable?
Where should I get a calling card?
How should I exchange money?
What is a traveling mistake you have made that I can learn from?
What is a traveling must?


  1. For the plane bring a deck of cards, eye drops, lotion and comfy socks. The cards are for when you get bored and the eye drops and lotion help with the dehydration (they should have water and snacks available in the galleys at all times for you to take when you need them) and the socks becuase you won't want to wear your shoes the whole time on the plane.

    buy a calling card there and i would not try to bring a lot of cash and exchange it. you will end up paying more in the fees then you will if you just take out as much as you think you might need at an ATM. You will get charged at the ATM also so only use it once or twice and take out the maximum each time.

    I hope that helps! xoxo

  2. Bon gia!

    Depending upon your bank, you may or may not get charged ATM fees. My bank doesn't charge an ATM fee anywhere in the world, so I can carry less cash (i.e.--reduce the risk of theft). You wan't to avoid the image of the rich American--so go easy on the jewelry, watches, cameras, and fat rolls of cash.

    The time change to the Azores should only be four or 5 hours, so jet lag shouldn't be a big issue. If you think it is, I'd recommend a sleeping pill (Ambien or Lunesta are drugs of choice) and sleep your way into vacation land.

    The American Embassy for the Azores is located in Lisbon. Phone: 351-21-727-3300

    There is an American Consulate in the Azores. It is located on the island of San Miguel in Ponta Delgada (Avenida Principe do Monaco). Phone: 351-296-282216.

    The Department of State encourages all U.S citizens who traveling or residing abroad to register via the State Department's travel registration website ( or at the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate abroad. This lets the Embassy know where you are, and in case of emergency or disaster, they will find and evacuate you.

    Denise—this part is crucial: US citizens with a valid driver’s license can drive in the Azores, but unfortunately, you cannot bring firearms into the country. Sorry.

    There are no Travel advisories issues for the Azores.

    I also used some of your taxpayer dollars to check up on the terrorist and criminal threat. No major concerns.

    Finally, Americans always overpack. Pack what you think you need, then remove about 25% of it. I always wind up wearing the same clothes, and you'll enjoy the trip more and have room for souvenirs!

    Have a great trip--I can't wait to see some photos!