Sunday, February 10, 2008

My Baby Is 6

You Are My SUNSHINE, My Only SUNSHINE, You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Gray, You'll Never Know Dear, How Much I Love You, And I Love You More Everyday!

I remember this day 6 years ago, how overwhelmed with joy I was at the sight of you. I think of the meaning of your name Josefine- "May God Add," and think of all that has been added to our lives in these 6 years. You truly are my SUNSHINE. Your smile melts me, your hugs and little hands on the back of my neck are sweetness, and when you shout "I LOVE MY MOMMMMYYY!!" You grab hold of my heart.
We have enjoyed many moments with you this past year; learning to ski, swim, read, and skip have been highlights. We selfishly love your "r" less words, as they keep you our baby a little while longer. We delight in hearing you sing the same phrase over and over, finding your voice (daddy always looks at me, grins and says, "that was you"). We have enjoyed watching you in piano, how much taller you seem after each lesson (Ms. Cathy sure delights in you). We cherish sweet moments, and the sounds of our little girls playing dollies. We love the roar of laughter when you play with Noah. We dream of your future, and like your plans to be a "cooker," and to all live together in the same house forever ( and yes, I'll take care of your children while you work at your "wanstwaunt"). We especially love that you love God and Jesus even more the most, and pray you ALWAYS WILL.

Birthday fun included- a sleep over with her 2 favorite friends Abby and Emma, the welcoming of her very own American Girl -Samantha, and fun with mommy and Emilie at Princess Wishes, Disney on Ice (wish i was 6).


  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter & a lovely post dedicated to her. Sounded like a fun birthday for her too. Life is going too fast...

  2. I love it! At our house, there are no girlie things, so I love hearing about girl fun! hahahaha What a joy to be a mommy!

  3. Happy Birthday Josie! What a beautiful post in honor of your beautiful girlie!

  4. Hey! Guess what? My baby turns six tomorrow, too! Six sounds so old, but he's so little to me. I said to him today, "I wish you were still a baby..." in a teasing way, and he said, "me, too." To which I quickly replied with a hug, "well, you always will be..."

    Happy birthday to your Josie - have lots of fun and eat lots of goodies and enjoy the day completely.


  5. Such a sweet, touching post. Happy birthday beautiful Josie!!

    This IS really lovely, Denise. What sweet words you have.

    I hope Josie's birthday is/was as special as she is!!

  6. Happy Birthday Josie! Denise you have one beautiful little girl! She is so cute, I love her "r" less words too! Enjoy the day!

  7. Happy birthday Josie. How big you are! I know your mommy does not want to hear that. But, alas, gone are the days of burying your head in crook of a neck - shielding you from the violence of independence day celebrations. I'm saddened by the realization that I've missed so many of those moments with you. I adore you. The joy in your smile is contagious and we all look forward to being infected.

  8. Beautiful! Happy Birthday, Josie! It seems to be the weekend for birthdays. I bet our girls would play well together! =)

  9. Happy Birthday Josie! I hope your special day is filled with lots of wonderful memories!

    Denise---you really have beautiful children! She is truly beautiful.