Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Stew Off

Last fall, my good friend Julie and I had a Stew Off.
We each made a stew for dinner and hoped to determine whose was the best.
I was
shocked when she served what appeared to be a roast.
Julie is sadly confused. I cannot blame her she grew up in the casserole eating era.
Her mother likely served her a variety of dishes smothered in cream of mushroom soup, and passed it off as edible food. She doesn't know better.

And now,
Julie (she doesn't know when to stop), has challenged me again, but this time to a blogging Stew Off.

So I ask you what is Stew to you!?

Is it roast- like, served on a plate, eaten with a fork?

... is it soup like, served in a bowl, eaten with a spoon?

And i'll have you know Julie, that when you google for vegetable beef stew photos and recipes, they're ALL soups! Your going down!


  1. I think the first pic is more like a potroast. Stew is like a thick soup with meat and veggies! My 2cents!

  2. Well, the first picture looks most delicious to me, but my perspective is that stew is more of a soup with chunky meat, potatoes, & veggies in it!

  3. Nice try Soup girl.

    Where's the Beef!

    Aren't you Portuguese?

    Stick to linguisa.

    The rest of you come on over to my blog and see a real stew.

  4. souplike. surely. i know you hate casseroles. remind me never to serve you one if you ever come to visit!

    i need a good stew recipe, though! i never told you that i made your crockpot lasagna awhile back. it turned out great!

  5. stew is definitely more like a soup. A thick soup with potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, meat, etc. Eaten with a spoon. Yumm!

  6. Soup, of course. Hearty, thick, meaty soup. With broth and veggies.

    You know what I love? That first twang of fall after a hot, dry summer, when everything has started to look brown and gray... but then the air changes and everything looks brighter and the air feels cooler, and you think, "where's that stew recipe?" Mmmm...

  7. definitely more soup like. if there's no watery consistency, its a roast, for sure!

  8. Stew is more like a thick soup. But on to why I really posted - I just discovered your blog this a.m. and have spent all this time reading all the past posts! Wow - what a story you have to tell. I look forward to checking your blog every day.

    Barbara in AR

  9. Well, I hate to be difficult, but I think my favorite stew recipe is somewhere in between.

  10. Come over and witness the Master's and their stews...(Fork only) and then you can apologize in writing.

    :o ]

  11. I like my stew in a bowl.

    I like to eat my stew with a spoon.

    It's got carrots, and potatoes in it---you baboon!

    I like to eat my stew when it's cold.

    And by the way, Jules been told.....

    That picture number 2 is really stew whether it's hot or cold.

  12. I think you are right it is much more a soup than a roast!

  13. Stew is like picture two, in a bowl, soupy like. But, picture one sure looks yummy! Can I have both recipes.