Saturday, November 22, 2008

lunge and lick

my mom and sister came for an overnight visit this weekend.

when they come, goodies always come with them!

when the kids were younger i complained as they brought in bags of foods i would never allow in the house. i had healthy diets to develop. now that the kids are older, and know they must eat daily from the major food groups, i don't worry. nope, now i wait with the kids, for- cookies, cake, gummy/chocolaty snacks, candy, ice cream, or what ever goodies they might bring. because even i get tired of the usual raisins and peanuts (this is our typical snack. self-control people, self-control).

look at what my mom brought this time!
and this people is the only way i can justify eating all that ben & jerry's!


  1. 1. i think it should be renamed the lunge and plunge
    2. how much alcohol is in that ice cream?! you were awfully wobbly!

  2. I like what Lindsey said! ha ha! Joe said you were cheating. I think it would have been marvelous with cherry chocolate chip! Heck, for CCC I'd join you!

  3. That is so not going to work... I know because I have tried it myself! :) But it was very funny to watch you trying it.