Tuesday, November 18, 2008

a letter to me

the country singer brad paisley has a song called Letter to Me.
in the song he expresses all the things he would go back and say to his 17yr old self.

now that i am 35, the song has caused me to think of what a letter written to my younger (not just 17, but spanning the years) self would say.

you got your start on victory road for a reason.

sing and dance like you are on american bandstand.

don't hit your sister.

don't believe what he says.

don't feather your hair, you don't need to look like laurie allen.

eat vegetables.

friends who require you to wear reebox and guess jeans aren't friends worth having.

don't try to keep up with that jones girl.

get the oil drip fixed on your 65 ford falcon.

learn to play a musical instrument.

do your homework.

eat gilman's burgers now.

he's not the one God wrote for your life.

get rid of the bangs.

don't sell your falcon.

stay away from that 19.8% credit card.

don't move in with your best friend.

did you hear me, get rid of the bangs!

stop hiding behind baggy clothes, i'd give anything for that 20yr old figure.

your not a red head.

the man God wrote for you is a man beyond your wildest dreams!

that empty place that longs for family will not always be there, denise someday you'll have your "Emily." and you will be the blessed mommy of 3!

hold on, hold on tight! at 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in the morning
because the ladies in the grocery store are right
"enjoy them while they're young, because it does goes bye too fast."

hold tight to God. don't believe the lies.

go outside and play.

loose the poofy hair


forgive yourself.


what would you say to your younger self?


  1. Oh honey!!! There is not enough room on the internet to write down all the things I would say in a letter to me.

    I would tell myself that Michael Jackson would turn really weird and there is no need to think he is great.

    I would tell me that my metabolism would stop at age 30 so be prepared.

    I would say that all those Mr. Wrongs dont matter.

    I would tell me that I do not look good in bubble skirts, tight sweaters, or parachute pants.

    I would tell me to get rid of that wall-o-hair that was held together by a bottle of aquanet - seriously if someone had lit a match......

    That I would grow away from the friends I was so close too....

    I would tell me to study the word like crazy, because I would need its strength in years to come.

    I would tell myself that nothing matters except Jesus.

    Those are just a few of the things I would tell a young me........

  2. I love it Denise!!! Great idea.
    I would say...
    Elton John is gay...you can't have a crush on him.

  3. I guess one of the benefits of being more than 37 is that I don't remember much about 20 years ago. My only wish is that I hadn't waited until I was 37 to learn to ski and run and climb high mountains, cook in my crockpot and make homemade bread. There is one more thing, however - I wore yellow to my high school graduation - THAT I would have liked to do over. Yellow is NOT one of my colors.

  4. beth anne, i totally forgot about my aqua net days! i must have inhaled too much, and killed some brain cells.

    linda, "i guess that's why they call it the blues."

    shirin, i get it, it all falls apart at 37! i'm getting on the treadmill now!!

  5. this was awesome.

    don't sell your falcon. ouch.

    oh, i can't believe bethanne said bubble skirts, b/c i was going that direction.


  6. bethanne and sarah, what is a bubble skirt? i don't think i ever had one.
    oh, but i did have the most awesome pair of knickerbockers (we'd call them capris now). they had rainbow/heart shoe string laces at the cuffs. very cool.

  7. I love your list!!! It would take quite a while to write down everything, but at least one would be: You will get over the pain and heartache of so-and-so: just wait to see who God actually has in store for you - he's wonderful!

  8. Actually I would say A LOT of the same things you did. I wrote a post similar to this awhile back. I often ponder what I will write to my 33 year old self...

  9. Don't get rid of those leg warmers.

  10. This was so beautiful...isn't great to look back on what we have learned. I love how you mixed humor with the serious things as well

  11. I am new around here, and just stumbled upon your blog.....love it - and I love that song...gosh if we could go back...our parents wouldn't seem so "out of it" :)
    Blessings - jump over my way sometime!