Sunday, April 22, 2007


Victory: vic·to·ry (vĭk'tə-rē)
Defeat of an enemy or opponent.
Success in a struggle against difficulties or an obstacle.
The state of having triumphed.

I love the word victory. Ironically, I was conceived on Victory Rd. My mother was 14, my dad 18. I am certain that no one thought anything victorious could have come from that young girl being pregnant, but God did.
He had victory in mind for me.

I battle depression. I use to say that I suffered from depression, but one day I decided that I wanted to no longer suffer, but battle. Victory does not come without fight. There is nothing so wonderful as triumphing.

On occasion, I will share with you how I am battling and triumphing to victory.


  1. I followed the link from FamilyJules~~~your photos are fabulous!

    I like how you've changed the phrasing re. depression. It is a battle and the tools to fight it are unique to each person. Thank you for sharing this part of your life. :-)Cmommy

  2. Hey Denise! thanks for reading and commenting on my blog! I thought I would do the same because it is fun to get comments on one's blog. It was fun to see you when I was up in Oakhurst, although you trampled on my home state :)! Amy smith never sent me anything!

  3. thanks for being real. your mom was 14?! life is so crazy. i think i should make you a necklace that says 'victory'!! depression is so common and affects every area of our lives. It runs in both steve's and my families. i'll look forward to hearing more.

  4. I agree totally and completely with you on that ! After all Nicole does mean "Victorious" or "The Victorious People", I happen to like both ! Keep up the goood work, let YOUR light SHINE for JESUS !