Saturday, April 21, 2007

I've Still Got It!

Here are some pix of my neices Gracie and Lily. Lindsey (their mommy, and my sister-in-law) went to London for the week to visit my other sister-in-law Jennifer.

I was a bit worried before they came. I knew Gracie (almost 4) would be happy as pie, playing with my girls. Lily was the concern. She is only 18 months old, and not use to me, or being without mommy. Well, all I can say is - I still got it! It was so nice to have someone to hold who snuggles in to you, to have a little person laugh when you tickle them or chew on their feet. It was especially nice to rock a little person, sing a few sweet melodies, and have them drift off to sleep in my arms.

My 3 are growing up too fast. There is a different voice you have when they are little- a softer, gentler voice. There is a different way of communicating with them when they are little- snuggling, tickling, chewing. Of course we still do these things, but not as often. When they are little it is like dating. As they grow, I find myself married to them, and I miss the dating, when everything was new. There is a line in the film "Finding Neverland" that says, "children should never be sent to bed, for they always wake up a day older." Oh, if I could squish them down, and make them stay little (and mine) forever.

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  1. you trying to make being away from my girls harder???? so glad you had some sweet time with my babies, just like you allowed me with yours, years ago. what you guys have done for me in taking care of them is awesome and very much appreciated! love you!