Monday, April 16, 2007

The Academy Awards

I love anything that causes community. Anything that causes us to come together.

This Sunday was All Fool's Day at the Academy Awards for Sierra Vista Presbyterian Church.
SVPC's most beautiful people (all SVPC'ers) showed up in high fashion to walk the red carpet and attend the Academy Awards. A number of celebrities walked the red carpet as well. As Joan Rivers, I got to be up close and personal on the red carpet.

The show was very entertaining with awards, feature films, and a performance by Mary Poppins and the Pips (Gladys couldn't make it). After the entertainment the President of the Academy Awards (and Pastor) gave a message... "what our culture views as valuable is a chasing after the wind... there are a lot of us who have been fools, buying into our culture, let's not be fools... the values of our culture ought to be mercy, peace, righteousness, forgiveness, and love."

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