Saturday, April 28, 2007

How Sweet It Is...

Michael and Noah are at "mancamp" this weekend (Father Son Camp at Camp Sugarpine-
Before Noah left I asked if he'd miss me. He said, "no" :-(
How can I compete with sleeping in a tent, smores, water rocket launching, airsoft guns, and big helpings of steak and potatoes.

As I got into bed last night there were post-its on my pillow.
#1. I Love You Mine ("Mine" is how you say Mom in portuguese).
#2. I miss you
#3. How sweet it is to be loved by you (our song).
#4. Jesus Mommy bear ( We say Jesus to each other).

Ahhhhh, he loves me.

In their abscence, the girls and I are having girltime! bubblegum, ears pierced (Josie), ice cream, little purses, Hello Kitty store, flowers, curls, polish... the works!


  1. mancamp souns fun, but girl time sounds even better!!

  2. Tell Josie I said congrads on getting her ears pierced, I hope that you girls had fun girl time !