Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Happy Birthday to Noah!

Noah is 9,Nine,NINE!!!
It goes too fast.

Here is a conversation Michael and I had the other evening-
Me, "why does it have to go so fast?" (tears)
Michael, "I don't know."
Me, "why can't we keep them forever." (more tears)
Michael, "because we want them to have what we have."

Hmmm, I want them (the kiddos) to have what we have. We have 3 fabulous, terrific, beautiful, amazing, loving, tender, kind, knock the socks off your feet- kids!
I suppose I can let them go, and grow for that (and so much more).

We have a tradition in our house that on your birthday we share our favorite things from the past year about you.
Noah is- kind, handsome, a great brother, and great to cuddle with. We are impressed by his ability to arm fart "Jesus Loves Me." We love that he loves to read (Noah just won a California Reads Award for reading 393 books- really 60 books, but they take an average of pages per book). We love his thoughtfulness, and that he is intentional. A favorite moment from this past year was when he turned on our song "How Sweet It Is" and said, "Mommy you know you want to dance," and then he twirled me around. We love watching him grow more confident and adventurous. He is such a blessing. We still cannot believe that God gave him to us, and we are thankful.

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  1. i am so close to crying! my little nephew is actually 9 years old! the picture of him and Michael is, for me, like looking at my brohter as he is now and as he was 20+ years ago.


    ps- did you give Noah his present from me?