Friday, May 25, 2007

Going Camping, please help!

Okay, so we are going camping this weekend. I have to be honest, I do not like camping. I do not like being dirty, not showering,sleeping in a tent, wearing a hat for 3 days. I do not like the endless mess and laundry I will have to deal with when I get home. However, I love my husband ,kiddos, and smores. I can give up my shower, cozy bed, and hair dryer for them (but only for a weekend).
I am an inexperienced camper. What would you say I absolutely must take?


  1. You must take a: flash-light,bug spray, and a good book ! :) Lots of love, Nicole

  2. wet wipes
    hangers for s'mores (DO NOT FORGET!!)

  3. You are married to one of the most camping savvy people I have ever met.

    There must be some story as to why you're asking the rest of us!

  4. Micah,
    You are right tht my husband is camping savy!
    He is the Macgyver of the outdoors, which is exactly why I had to ask for help. He could go camping with nothing and have everything he needs.

    Lindsey, I took Gorp with me (if you were refering to Michael by his camp name :-)

  5. Well now that you done the piles of laundry - how was it?

    Did you forget anything?

    Did you have to pee in the bushes?

  6. Can't say I loved camping. It was so cold at night. So uncomfortably cold.
    I did love being with family and friends without life's duties calling to me.
    I did sneak in a hair wash, and yes I brought the dryer :-)
    Did you know that REI makes an FUD (feminine urinary device). I don't have one- YET!