Friday, December 5, 2008

deck the halls

the hall way is a favorite spot in our house. some years ago michael surprised me with new pictures of the kids which were matted. he then hung the matted pix in the hall on clothes line with clothes pins. this is an inexpensive way to display family photos. one that reminds me daily of how very blessed i am.
this year i decked the halls with our stockings.

"if these old halls, if these old halls could speak, of things that they remember well, stories and faces dearly held ,a couple in love living week to week, rooms full of laughter, if these halls could speak."

lyrics by amy grant
a few weeks ago i discovered a box i had been given from michael's grandmother. gram (dottie jones) use to be a teacher, and in her teaching days she had saved clippings from christmas cards. in my box were several vintage clippings of santas, snowmen, and other christmas scenes. i took the clippings to thanksgiving with the jones family, and we girls made "Believe" banners.

look how my emilie is catching up to gram.
and finally, how precious is this willow tree nativity! every christmas it sits here on top of the piano. the rest of the year i have willow tree pieces that tell the story of our family in this place.a

tomorrow i will share some of our favorite christmas ornaments!


  1. Pretty decorations! I love your nativity. I have a Willow Tree piece that represents my eldest son and I. It's so sweet. :)

    I just got invited by a mutual friend to Lindsey's craft show next week. It's too bad I can't make it. She makes such pretty things. :)

  2. Love it all Denise! Hey would you mind to email me? - thanks!

  3. i love the believe banner, love it!

    your house is so cute, wish i could come visit in person.