Tuesday, May 12, 2009


noah turned 11 last week. for his birthday gift he had one request, a trip to home depot to purchase supplies to build a go-cart.
the directions for the go-cart can be found in this book

(btw- after receiving this book noah said, "if our house was to burn down i would grab my bible, my swiss army knife, and the dangerous book for boys, because the book gives directions for how to build a fort to live in, trap a rabbit, and skin it." )

part of the gift was time with just his dad building the go-cart.
here they are using power tools.
enjoy the video of noah riding his go-cart and CRASHING!!

(special effects courtesy of daddy)

noah wants me to tell you that he was disappointed that i stopped filming, he wanted to see the rest of the crash..the part where he runs into emilie, and both of them hit the pavement.

michael wants me to let you know there will be a follow up post with video after the go-cart is painted and has brakes installed...

i'll be ready, with camera in one hand and the first aid kit in the other!


  1. michael, the gooooo- cart, nice job im sure you and noah had great fun building it. maybe next time we could put a dummy in it for a trial run, that would be good.
    love you much

  2. My dad just bought that book for my 3-year-old son. My husband and I have enjoyed reading through it and imagining our son make a tree-fort or a go-cart. Sounds exciting...and your video proves it. ;)

  3. I'm now on the hunt to find that book for our boy. I'm certain he would cherish it too!
    Oh, I love Noah's very logical explanation of why he would grab his book in case of a fire. Very practical indeed :)

    Great video!
    Kudos to daddy for the special effects :)

  4. this is awesome! what a wonderful birthday gift - he will never forget it.

    landon LOVED watching it. now i just need to watch landon to make sure he isn't in the garage trying to create something on his own.

  5. That was a fantastic video. Next stop--Beasore Road!