Tuesday, March 23, 2010


we don't date much.

we do life;
working, photographing, taxi'n, bills, cooking, cleaning,
yard work, weeding, laundry, homeschooling,
disciplining, grocery shopping, surviving, and hoping-

our dates consist of
two weary parents,
with kids tucked into bed,
falling on the couch
and into each others arms
every night.

weekends away together are a treat.
holding hands,
conversation and quiet,
delighting in our life together,
dreaming of our future,
being "us" again.

so happy together
at avila beach

nana& gramps (the sitters) loft in S.L.O.
so lovely and SO FREE!

Picnik collage
pix from avila beach and santa barbara.
i'm curious what is a "mind spa?"
(i'm sure i could use one).

i'm thinking of laying a beach towel out on a beach with a cardboard sign that reads
"stay at mom needs babysitting money!"
i'd toss my coins to that worthy cause.

bike slo
a sunday a.m. bike ride in s.l.o.
(thanks lindsey for letting us use your cruisers).

moonstone beach
moonstone beach in cambria.

ending the weekend in the most delicious way,
with a peace of linn's olallieberry pie
(linn's will air on the food network's "best thing i ever ate" in the fall).

do you and your husband date?

what would your beach towel say?


  1. What a delightful weekend away. I think I was refreshed just looking at your pictures. :)

  2. Oh my gosh! You went to my all time favorite place in the world!! (other than our lake) I love SLO!!!! Did you make it to Pismo Beach?
    What a glorious place! Do you actually live near SLO?
    Your pictures are absolutely delightful. I especially love the sea life ones.

    I think our beach towel would say "At Last". Hee hee. Not only is that "our song" but at last, we're alone and at last we're on a date.

  3. olallieberry pie is our favorite! what a blessing to be away together. love you guys-

  4. We don`t date much either :(
    Our dates consist of snuggling on the couch, eating popcorn (filled with smarties-for me) & watching a movie.

    Your weekend away seems so very, very lovely.
    What a gorgeous place!
    (I need to find me a nana and gramps with a loft!)
    I`m so happy for you, that you were able to get away and enjoy time with Michael, just the two of you

    My sister is taking the three kids overnight this weekend... but sadly lack of loft and $$$ might mean we will be snuggling on the couch, eating popcorn & watching a movie...BUT I won`t complain, we are definitely looking forward to a full 24 hours sans kiddos!

  5. Funny you asked...I have recently been praying for the Lord to provide in every way for us to have date nights. And in the last two months we've had as many dates as we had in the entire year prior! God is good. We NEED that time so desperately, and sometimes we only get just how much we need it once we're finally away together. :) Love these pictures, Denise. Oh, and that loft is absolutely divine!

  6. Good timing on this post. I love it! My husband and I have been trying to figure out this dating thing ever since our daughter was born four years ago. We're learning to get a little more creative with our time and money now :)

  7. Ooh, that loft is lovely. Rich and I love to date, but rarely get to...especially with current financial situation. Over his spring break we did get a couple of daytime dates while the boys were in school. I Love 'em.

  8. We have lunch ever other Monday. We only have one hour and it seems like a lifetime. And if a night comes along when we get out together it is an added blessing.