Saturday, October 4, 2008

celebrating julie!

before i moved to this mountain community i was involved in Campus Life. i loved this ministry where individuals reached out to me, formed relationships with me, saw something in me that i did not see in myself, and drew me into Christ.
after such an investment was made in me, it was only natural that i would want to be part of such a ministry. when i moved here, and discovered that this mountain community had a program that was very similar, i jumped in to YOUNG LIFE!

michael and i both served a very fun 5 years as volunteer leaders with Young Life.
to this day, many of the lasting relationships i have formed in this mountain community are a result of those years in Y.L.

One of those relationships is with julie hilliard
(a.k.a. family jules). l-r shirin, julie, and me!
it is beautiful to look back over my 15 years here, and to see how God has shaped our friendship. julie has listened, hoped, spoken wisdom, corrected, fought for, taught, and delighted in me... she has LOVED me. over the years she has become not only friend, but part of my tribe.

last night we got to celebrate julie and her birthday!

we took a little walk down memory lane, and sheffie (julie's husband, and the Y.L. leader from back in the day) lead us in some ol' Y.L. songs. here is a snippet from two of our favorites!

"sha la la la la la la la la la la ti ti da"


  1. I haven't heard those in years! How cute. I didn't realize that Sheffie had been a YL leader.

  2. I totally remember that "Blind Man" song!!! Did you ever sing King Jesus is All and Love Him in the Morning?

  3. Very very fun night!
    Thanks for breaking us all out of our comfort zones and making complete fools of ourselves. I love that about you.You are good at it!!!

  4. Ditto from Fam Jules, I love that about you, too. Your silliness is contagious!

  5. PS- I think we should call ourselves the Bobsie triplets - look at our hair!!!!!

  6. I love that I got to hear you sing - yeah!

    I haven't heard Blind Man for years, and years. Oh it brought back memories of church camp!

    Thanks for sharing! What a blessing to have such wonderful friends.

  7. I think Young Life is coming back to my area very soon. So exciting!