Monday, October 20, 2008

"mountain" mouse and city mouse

some years ago our school district decided to implement a fall break as well as a winter break. this means that every october and february we get a week off! yes, we still do 180 days of school like the rest of you, we begin school a week earlier and end our year a week later.

the kids have worked hard, and these students and their teacher look forward to a much needed break!

this mountain mouse and her 3 little mice are going to the valley to visit city mice (i'm assuming you are familiar with the story Country Mouse, City Mouse). the van is loaded with bikes, scooters, and skates (mine too). we are going to enjoy sidewalks, streetlights, parks on every corner (maybe i'm exaggerating a little), running to the near bye market for 1 item (instead of a 30 min. drive to nearest market) target just 2 miles away (instead of the usual hour away), and starbucks just blocks away. oh, how i miss the conveniences of city living.

but by weeks end, i'll be ready to return to the sierra nevadas, to the birds i hear singing as i type,
to the rolling foothills, and purple mountains majesty (yeah, they really do exist), the fragrance of pine trees, trantualas making their fall appearance, coyotes at night. i'll want to be back in my community, with the sights and people i LOVE so much.

(btw- click on the link for Country Mouse, City Mouse and read along with the illustrated story. flip the pages by clicking the book)


  1. 30 minutes to the nearest market??? Wow, you are a country mouse! Have a fun week in the city!

  2. be safe and take care of yourselves. we love you.
    gram and gramps

  3. how fun!!!! i had a dream about you last night. not a creepy one, just like you had cut your hair or something. =)

  4. Have fun shopping. I love that story about the mice... classic.

  5. i hope you are enjoying your fall break. i am a little envious of a fall break! it sounds like you have lots of fun packed into your break.

    looking forward to a skype date again soon :o)

  6. Hey! You've got something from me at my blog....

  7. Have a great time! Enjoy the Target and Starbucks!

  8. Sounds fun! Nothing makes you appreciate home more than being away from it while you enjoy living on the other side of the fence. :)