Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pinch Me

for a St. Patrick's Day treat i brought back this Peppermint Cracker Candy (i replaced the chocolate with vanilla white chocolate. i replaced the candy canes with crushed spearmint candy).
it's DELICIOUS!It is BEAUTIFUL here in our neck of the hills. the hillsides are green, alive with wild flowers and lupin. i love spring, and watching my world come to life.


  1. YUMMY!
    Ok, so now I am SO going to run to the store and buy some spearmint candy so that I can make this too :)

    Oh, and I'm more than a little jealous at your beautiful landscape.... we still have a ton of snow here.
    Sweet spring- where are you??

  2. YUMMY! was my first thought too, followed by VERY CREATIVE to adapt one recipe and create your own receipe with some pizazz. of course, the whole picture setting makes it look even better.

    happy spring!

  3. i CAN'T WAIT to visit you all in may. hmmm....

  4. what a great idea! looks so yummy.

    is that something you would bring over to share with your neighbor??

  5. pretty hills! and pretty cool candy!

  6. YOU MUST SEND SOME TO WCI!!! That looks so yummy!!!

    Love, Susan