Saturday, December 5, 2009

Advent days 3, 4,& 5

Advent day 3- Drink hot cocoa with 22 mini-marsmallows (that's how many days there were till Christmas), make advent chains, and fill in a Christmas activity book.
Scripture- Matthew 3: 13-17

Advent day 4- Slumber Party by the Christmas tree!
Scripture- II Corinthians 5:17-18slumber collage

The kids thought I was taking pix of them jumping on the couches, but I was videoing them and all their goofiness.

Advent day 5 (today)-Spend the day with Nana n' Gramps!
Scripture- I John 1: 5-22

Today's advent activity gives the kids time to make memories with their grandparents (they'll be doing some Christmas decorating up at the lake house), and gives Michael and I a much needed break! I can't remember the last time we really looked at each other, or talked. I miss him. So a little unfinished Christmas shopping, dinner (with a gift-card), looking at each other, talking and/or enjoying the silent togehter, topped off by the movie "The Blind Side" is our childless plan for today!

And here is a little prayer request for me- I'm leading worship tomorrow at church. I have lead worship a zillion times vocally, BUT this time I'm leading instrumentally too. I'm playing guitar!
I need prayer for my nerves (Yes, even I get stage fright) to be settled, to have confidence that I can do it, and that I will glorify, and honor God in this offering of praise. THANKS!


  1. So much fun in the Jones home!
    I love it!

    Your tree looks awesome... I can't wait until the kids are a bit older and I can put presents under our tree. Right now I am certain that they would be opened less than 30 seconds after I put them there.

    Hope you enjoy your childless day!

    I'm praying for you for tomorrow. You will do awesome. God will use you and just know that His heart is so excited for you. He waits in anticipation to watch His lovely daughter get up and lead His children in worship.
    I can picture Him all proud-daddy-like with a video camera ready to capture your sweetness, just like you did with your munchkins yesterday.

  2. i will be praying for you. i miss you.

  3. Love the slumber party by the Christmas tree. Fun idea.

    How'd the worship time go? It takes talent to sing and play an instrument at the same time. My husband leads worship and usually plays bass at the same time. I play piano/keyboard with his group, but I find it almost impossible to sing and play at the same time. I'm multi-tasked challenged :)

  4. How did your guitar playing hold up yesterday.

    I would still love to get your advent scriptures and ideas. Can you email the scriptures and maybe a few activities? :) please with sugar plums on top?

  5. Hey Denise, that's great about leading worship!! God is definitely blessing your efforts and He's using you to bless others. I will be praying! How exciting.

    And I'm loving your posts on Advent. So much fun to see other people's great ideas (and reference them for next year). ;)

  6. i wish our kids could be doing the sleepover together :o) someday when you move to idaho. i am totally stealing that idea and surprising my kids one of these days.

    so fun.

    i love your new header. is that your Christmas card picture?? hopefully i am on your list!