Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Coming, Expecting

A few years ago I was given an advent box as a gift. The box has 25 smaller boxes to fill. Honestly, I wasn't thrilled about the responsibility that had been given to me. I Immediately felt overwhelmed at the duty of filling each of those little boxes with Christmas treasures.But the box has surprised me. Instead of filling it with store bought treasures I realized I could fill each box with an activity for each day. Because of this box the time of advent (which means "coming" or "expecting") has become the richest month of the year. I have found myself more intentional about the kids, being in their world, creating along side them, participating in their wonder and their giggles, making memories with them.

My goal for December is to share with you the activity planned for each day leading up to Christmas. In addition there will be daily scripture reading (thanks Kristen who suggested this, and shared her list).

The activities vary from drinking a cup of hot cocoa filled with 25 marshmallows (the days there are until Christmas) to having a Free Hot Cocoa stand.

Today's activity was to paint a Christmas tree on the sliding glass window
(I am o.c.d., so the kids were surprised that the daily windexed window was going to be covered in paint!) The kids also made 25 ornaments from construction paper.
advent 1 collage

We discussed the meaning of advent, that the Savior had come to our world, to be with us, to be born in us, to be living in each of us.

For the next 25 days of advent we will add one of the handmade ornaments to the painted tree. The ornament will have the name of someone we love, who we will pray for. We will pray that Jesus will be born in them, that He will be their Savior, and live fully in and through them.

I hope you enjoy the next 25 days of advent with us!

What does your family do to celebrate advent?

(Scripture reading Isaiah 40: 1-11)


  1. What a great idea! Seriously! I think my kids would love something like this! :)

    I just randomly decided to do Advent, and now I'm reading so many fabulous ideas that I'm not sure how we'll do everything!

  2. We bought a really neat wooden advent calendar last year and the kids love it. I put miniature ornaments behind each door and there is a mini tree next to it that gets decorated. I may just have to incorporate some of your great ideas, too! :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh... what kind of paint do you use for that?

  4. this is so sweet....I love the idea of ornaments with the name of someone you love!

  5. i love the painted window. my kids would love it!

    besides pulling slips and doing activities, my kids are loving our advent devotional. it is so intriguing. i love how it leaves us hanging each day. i am enjoying advent more this year having this focused time with the kids. we have also read some fun stories from the library.