Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our Christmas

Because the Christmas season is filled with extended family we celebrate our family Christmas the week before Christmas.

We start with our Christmas eve.- singing together, reading of Jesus' birth in the book of Luke, praying together, then off to bed (so mommy and daddy can fill stockings, and make preparations for our Christmas day).

We wake to surprises under the tree, and open stockings.b collage

We celebrate Jesus' birthday with a birthday breakfast party, just as we have celebrated each of our own birthdays through the year (complete with the table set, balloons, and streamers).

We read the story of Jesus' birth again, this time from the book of Matthew. We talk about Jesus being the gift we received that first Christmas. We speak of how God became man, was born here on earth, and how he longs to be born in us, live in us.

We open presents.u2ollage
We go to church together.
Come home and play together.guitar heroollage
We have a yummy "Linner" (lunch-dinner. This year we treated the kids to Tepanyaki. Entertainment, good food, and no cooking or clean up make for a very Merry Christmas).

Because our Christmas is a week early, we make it a goal to be done with all Christmas wrapping, crafting, buying, and preparing by our Christmas. This gives us a wonderful week off to enjoy the Christmas season, to enjoy advent and the coming of Jesus.

I never knew 9 years ago when we began this that it would become tradition. I LOVE that it has.
I confess moving Our Christmas was a little awkward those first couple years, But it has become so familiar, so who we are.

What Christmas traditions does your family have or have you created?


  1. fun!!

    michael did a great job on the beds. he seriously should sell them on etsy there is a market! i would buy one or two - for real! your bedding is adorable. you did awesome. the bedding i made for mauryn's boy twin is not so cute. i need to come see you so you can give me lessons.

    looks like guitar hero was a hit!

    what is michael holding in his pic - tickets??

    btw- got my little cannon on an after christmas sale. saved my hard earned blow money. now i can be cool like you. i even got red! its a cannon power shot 12.1 megapixel ELPH - which means nothing to me but might mean something to your photographer hubby.

    miss you!!!

  2. This looks like such a fun Christmas! We celebrate early with my family. Art's family is far away so we don't celebrate with them. Christmas eve and Christmas morning are just for our little bunch. We have tons of traditions. Definitely Christmas lovers around here! :)

  3. What an awesome tradition!
    I love that you get to celebrate with just your family and truly enjoy your Christmas together... we are always so rush, rush, rush visiting all our extended family that we don't really get to slow down and enjoy our "own" Christmas.

    We may need to steal this tradition.

    Oh, and I agree with Kristen- those beds are so adorable. Michael really should sell them... and you should sell the bedding sets! Seriously!

  4. The beds and bedding for your girls' dolls is AMAZING! What a fun, meaningful, and "knowing" gift.

    Christmas a week early....what a great idea to spread out all the celebrating. I love traditions.