Saturday, February 20, 2010

Spring. Is. Coming.

Spring. is. coming.

Spring: to appear or grow quickly; to move suddenly forward or upward;
to release or cause to be released from confinement.

spring collage

It's raining on these hills outside my home. It's been raining on these hills inside my heart.

Rain. Is. Good.

The hills are thirsty.

Because of the rain there will be a GLORIOUS spring!

The hills have already turned a vibrant shade of green. I'm waiting for delicious blue skies, surrounded by puffy clouds to frame their beauty.

a lone lupin waits on my hillside, longing to be in community. It will. When the remaining lupin are released from their captivity they will join in a dance of purple on my hillside!

Wildflowers in shades of white, butter yellow, and baby pink will join them in the dance.
Some will be delicately chosen, they will dance into my home, waltzed away by little hands, delivered as a gift for this mommy.

Spring. Is. Coming.

tree collage

thank you noah, emilie, and josie. thank you for seeing the almond orchard filled with blossoms, and saying (before i asked),"mommy, you want to pull over and take pictures don't you!" thank you for inviting me to do so.
it is good to be known.


  1. Oh, thank you for painting spring on this post. Such pretty images! I love lupin! The lot behind our home used to be vacant and one year, it was covered with those beautiuful purple flowers!

  2. Pure joy! So happy you shared it with me. I'll look forward to following future adventures! Beautifully done!

  3. Spring is in the air!!! Love the pictures. That is so cute your kids knew you would want to take a picture. It is good to be known, it means you are loved.

    Hope you're having a great weekend!!

  4. Oh yes, spring is coming. Not soon enough for my liking, I must admit. Winter is long this year.

  5. First- LOVELY pictures. You are so talented at capturing "moments". You really do tell a story through your pictures. I love it!

    Second- Your kids are awesome! It is so good to be KNOWN!

    Third- (here's where I get whiny) NO FAIR!!! There are absoluetly NO signs of spring up here. Just good ol' man winter... I may have to consider moving now...

    May you enjoy the spring that surrounds you and may a beautiful new spring emerge in your heart. May you find new joy in the rain, as it brings new life!

  6. What a beautiful place you have here! I very enjoy your words and photos. Thanks for visiting with me and sharing the love :-)

  7. What an encouraging and uplifting post! Thanks for this one.

    And as always, I love the pictures. Keep 'em coming.

  8. I love this post - seasons make the heart beat and dance