Wednesday, January 9, 2008

blog worthy prayer

Tonight as we all prayed together, there was some blog worthy prayer. Before I share i have to mention that we have really been encouraging the kids to simply speak to God when they pray (as it often seems they are looking for the "right" words). I once heard that when we pray God sits at the edge of his seat wanting to hear from us!
So while God was at the edge of his seat, here is a little of what he heard in our house tonight...

Noah- "God thank you for making the world. Thank you for making us. Without us, You would be in Heaven with Your angels, and You would be bored if You didn't have us."

Josie- "Jesus, thank you that you died our sins on the cross on that day.... and Jesus, now you have to get out of the way, because now I have to talk to God, okay. God, I REALLY love you..."

From Michael and I came quiet laughter and crying. And there was wonder, was God laughing and crying. Was He also thinking, 'that's my boy,' and, 'Oh my sweet girl.'


  1. Oh I love it! Their thoughts and words bring so much joy - God is smiling down and his heart is filled with joy as you are teaching them and mentoring them in speaking to the One the truly matters.

    About skiing, I don't ski either - day or night. I am the lodge mom who serves up the lunch and hot chocolate if I go or I stay home. Someday, I will be the mom leisurely reading in the lodge or at home getting projects done while the kids ski with their dad. The chair lift - get chills watching my kids go on it. Not for me! I am much happier on the ground.

  2. You betcha! Who do you think instilled that humor?
    Those were prayers worth recording.

  3. How sweet is that. They are precious little ones.

  4. How great that you have this blog to help you remember precious moments like this. "Jesus, you need to get out of the way," that's hilarious! I'm SURE that God chuckled at that one. :)

    I also wanted to tell you...I received Nichole Nordeman's best of CD for Christmas (can't remember the name of it). I LOVE the song that you posted the lyrics to on your blog earlier. "Still I could call you by name....." (Sorry...the CD is in my husband's car right now, and I can't remember the name of it). Anyway...thanks for pointing me in that direction, whether you knew it or not. She's been a blessing to me!

  5. Love the prayers.
    "I'm done with you Jesus, movin' on to God."
    Hey. Just wondering. Are you gonna be in Christmas header mode all year girl?

  6. I love those prayers! I found your blog some time ago, but forgot to add it to my favs, so I was tickled when I re-found it from Earen's blog. Your kids prayers sound strangely like those of my own kids. They are so funny, but so honest - God has to get a kick out of the things they say to Him. I also read your previous post about needing grace. I love your heartfelt words - forgiveness is an awesome thing (whether from God or from others) and something we all need.

  7. I love the "Jesus get out of the way" too. Priceless! =)

  8. Such a small blogging world...I stumbled upon your blog today when I was helping my husband search for the lyrics to Sunday by Tree63. Loved the few entries I read so I bookmarked your site.

    I sat back down a few minutes ago and happened upon another one of your posts that mentions your sewing sister-in-law who blogs at "imperfect." I found her blog in the fall when I was searching for first haircuts and the loss of baby curls.

    It's so interesting to me that I was drawn to both your blogs so quickly. Must be the light of Christ shining...