Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy Emilie Day!

9 yrs ago today I discovered I was pregnant with Emilie.
I felt a bit nauseous that day, and was certain it was the flu. It had to be the flu. I had an 8 month old, was nursing, and on birth control. I had only been married a little over 2 years (we discovered we were prego with Noah just before our first anniversary). My first pregnancy with Noah was trying, as I spent the first 16 weeks draped over the porcelain
throne. I lost 13lbs, gained it back, plus 63 more, yikes! And, mommy-hood was wearing on me. Noah was beautiful, and our love for him was consuming, but he was colicky, and I was wiped. Lastly, my hubby was working for a Christian Camp, and we were attempting to live on Christian camp wages.
Needless to say, that when I discovered I was pregnant, I was devastated.
There were many tears, followed by depression, followed by a mommy draped over the porcelain throne again, while attempting to care for the baby I had already, followed by more depression.
But then, 6 +months later in July (yes, she was premature) Emilie was born. And I wondered why the tears, why the concerns, why the doubt in God at His plan. He was giving me the daughter I had longed for, fulfilling a promise. I wanted Him to wait, but is it possible that He just couldn't wait another moment to give me this gift!
So, today is Emilie day! And on this day, every year, I CELEBRATE, as I should have that first day when the test read positive. I celebrate my sweet girl (now almost 8 1/2), and I celebrate God's goodness, and I wonder at the things He has planned for me that I question Him on, and I'm reminded to "Be still, and know that He is God," and to wait for Him to knock my socks off!


  1. Tears as I read this! Happy Emilie Day! God will knock both your socks off - amazing how His timing is right even when we don't realize it until later (and sometimes it is much later) Celebrate today!

  2. Ohhh, that is so sweet! Emilie is so lucky to have you for her mom !Happy Emilie Day!

  3. Aren't we thankful that His ways are better than ours...that His plans are better than ours. His timing is perfect eventhough we might not understand. I've been there though...not understanding at the current moment & then I look back now & see the Lord's hand upon it all. Happy Emilie day!

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  5. Who knew the little, weak premee that wimpered so quitely could be the beautiful angel-faced young girl who loves and prays for her mommy like she does?
    Happy B-day little missy.

  6. I love that. I love it that you said that He couldn't wait to give you her. That is precious.

  7. Happy Birthday Emilie!
    Isn't it a wonderful gift to see that the Lord was already working in your life before you were even born? He is a great God and I pray that knowing Him becomes the greatest gift you receive in your life!

  8. Happy birthday, Emilie! Just what is needed... a celebration to look forward to after the holidays begin to fade. It's enough to warm up the winter days.

  9. I love your honesty, Denise. You are vulnerable, and hopeful, and honest, and inspirational. Thank you!!

    How precious....thank you Lord, for Emilie!