Wednesday, January 16, 2008


This past weekend Michael and I joined the Roger's family in sunny San Diego to celebrate the marriage of their daughter Erica to Jim Dublin.
Erica was GORGEOUS. The ceremony was BEAUTIFUL. Time with the Rogers was WONDERFUL.

Here are a few photos by a very handsome photographer.

Above Beautiful Erica.
Below Nicole & Taylor Rogers (Nicole was our toothless flower girl 11 yrs ago)
the Bridegroom waiting for his bride, a father's embrace, laughter, and
Dan & Holly

If you know me, or have followed my blog than you know of my relationship with Holly, and the Roger's family. You know how deeply I love them. You know that God has been generous in giving them to me, and in writing them into my life.
This weekend I finally got to meet extended family, best friends since childhood, and band members (Dan was in a band in the late 70's-early 80's). I have longed to meet these people because they are a part of the Roger's story, and so they are woven into my story.

"Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God." Ruth 1:16

I imagine the deep community we will all have in Heaven, because in Jesus we belong to each other. Our stories are all woven into each others stories, in Jesus' story. I imagine that upon seeing each other there will be a firm embrace, that we will look close at each other to see- do you have His nose, His laugh, His walk, His expressions, tenderness, enthusiasm, etc...

I look forward to seeing Him in you. I know already that you belong to me (tears).
I look forward to the reunion, the celebration, the wedding- when we are all, finally, in the fullness of the Bridegrooms love better than life, together.


  1. Great pictures! Everyone looks great! Weddings, are definty for making memories! The Rogers are wonderful people and their lucky to have you as "family"!

  2. Okay, Do you think Michael would be willing to do a "retake" of our wedding pictures? Okay, yeah I know he couldn't make me look as good as Erika and heck I'm sure I can't even squeeze my dress over my thighs. But I'm thinkin' that would be a great 10th anniversary gift. :) (You know I'm kidding, just tell him to remember the little people when he's famous and photographing celebs and such). I'm soo glad y'all had a great time. I look forward to seeing you.

  3. Wedings bring back such memories----she looks beautiful.

    Your words towards the end were powerful! They really spoke to my heart. Would you mind if I use them in a future post?

  4. those pictures are amazing!

    looks like a beautiful wedding.

    thank you for sharing your beautiful words at the end, they touched me heart this morning.

  5. This is beautiful, especially your sentiments at the end!

  6. Got a couple of things for you on my Blog!

  7. Breathtaking, Denise. The wedding, the pictures...your words.

    I am thanking God for the Rogers family, and their involvement in your life. Yay!