Friday, April 11, 2008

For Life's Sake

i'm back.
so, at first i went through some crazy withdrawals (yeah i know it was just barely more than a week being computerless), but then i got back into a rthymn. i finished a book, read a book, started another book, sewed, gardened (including the weed eating, yes, with a weed eater!), walked a lot, and learned how to play "I Want to Hold Your Hand" by John Lennon on the piano.
i have to confess, it was nice to get my life back. i recognize i run to the computer to fill a void. being a sahm can be lonely (though i am never alone), and i look to email, blogging, and facebook to tell me i have value, am needed, am included, just am. so i am going to have to be a bit more disciplined, for life's sake.

speaking of life's sake- i have something to share... so as i said i have been walking a lot, and well, i have had this desire for a while to run. i am NOT athletic. and my reasons for wanting to run aren't so much physical as it is spiritual. i am inspired by the runners i listen to (Sarah being one of them). by their stories of pressing past pain, of the beauty of the run, for stories of perseverance, and the thrill of finishing a race.
in life i do NOT run well this race that is marked out for me. i do not do well in adversity, i tend to stomp my feet, stop running, and refuse to move. i want to learn to run well. i would say i persevere eventually, but there is no thrill at the finish line because i have run so poorly.
in my walking i shared this with two friends. one immediately said she wanted to come alongside and help me train (she began running last year), another wants to begin to run with me. what a gift!
and now i am committed, because i bought these (i went to a running store, and they determined my step, and what shoes would be best... i had to sell one of my kids to get them),
and i am using this program.

i am excited (and when reality sets in- aaahhh!) about the journey ahead!

and if you runners have suggestions or advice i welcome it, and need it.


  1. Welcome back friend - I have missed you!

    I, too, run to email, blogging, etc.. as my connection and lifeline to others. It is an easy way for me to have connections with other women/mothers.

    Yeah for you starting to run! I am SOOO not athletic either. It is the great thing about running, anyone can do it. I don't know that I have any advice except that I am proud of you for taking it on! It will be so helpful to have others with you. I think that is a bonus - if you don't feel like getting out there you have friends encouraging you to go.

    Your new running shoes - so cute!!!

  2. Way to go, Denise! Its hard to begin anything, especially running. Keep at it and go a little further each time. Push yourself. Woo hoo!!!!

    And then run a 5 or 10 k down here and I will join you!

  3. You are going to run like the wind in those shoes! How could you not? I'm pretty sure they have jet propulsion. :)

    I am thinking of training to walk a fundraiser event for the non-prof my husband works for. My back can't handle running, but walking the distance would be an achievement for me.

  4. Hey..welcome back friend!! You have truly been missed alot. I'm glad you had some time to do different things though & GOOD FOR YOU in running! That's awesome! I'll do running with you across the miles as I've started to do some jogging myself! Keep going!!

  5. Good for you on the running. I think I would consider doing it if I had a partner to help me. Did I just say that? Maybe I can say that because I don't have a partner to help me.

    You'll find a rhythm with the blogging thing eventually. It is a tough balance.

  6. that is so funny, denise! i just started running a couple weeks ago! guess we'll be sore together!

  7. Way to go Denise!

    I'm with you----I'm back to running again. (up to a half mile right now) Starting is soooo hard. And since I'm not a runner, all I think about is how much I hate running while I am running but then I feel so good afterwards like I accomplished something! :)

    I agree with the SAHM thing! I get that way too and it's even more so since I am in a foreign country with Japanese who mostly cannot speak English. I must come across desperate when I see American people and talk 200 MPH!!

    By the way, look me up on Facebook. Jennifer Jones-Partin. :)

    Maybe, just maybe you can come do Tokyo marathon with me! :) That's 23.6 miles----one day I really want to run one!

  8. Just jumped onto your blog from Lindseys. I loved this post because I relate to it so much. Mostly the part about running to the computer to fill a void. I never saw it as that but it is. I too have a desire to run and am not athletic. Good luck with your training and thanks for this great post!