Friday, April 4, 2008

mission impossible

dun dun du du dun dun du du dun dun du du..(Mission Impossible tune)...

Michael and the kids are snuggled together watching Swiss Family Robinson, i disappear out the back door, off to the neighbors house. The neighbors enjoy their supper than retire to the couch, eyes fixed on the tube. They do not recognize that just steps away from them, down the hall, in the office, there is an intruder.
Why did i intrude you ask... our hard drive has crashed!
i am computerless. it has been days since i have been on a computer. i do not know what the weather is going to be tomorrow, or why i should take magnesium, how long the sale for washers and dryers at Sears will last, or if there are any good movies playing at the theater. Did i have a meeting to go to tonight, or have i got one tomorrow, was i invited to sub for Bunko, is there a girl's night out?? Without email i am out of the loop.
And worst of all, i have not seen any of you!
i am a mess, and going through withdrawals!!

The most impossible mission of all is living without a computer. i have had to resort to old fashioned things to fill up my time- like playing with the kids, reading a book, actually practicing my piano lessons, walking, oh and the big one- actually talking to people (yikes).

all that to say, the computers in the shop, and hopefully things will be up and running sometime next week.


  1. Oh Denise I hope it is fixed soon!

    I forget to talk to people in person too. However, without modern technology I would not have met you and how our lives are intertwined!

    I'm glad they (your family) let you sneak out to take care of your Blog. :)

    Mission Complete!

  2. Talking to people? In person? Live bodies? Oh, that can be very scary. I know from experience.

  3. Oh well, Stink! I'm sorry your computer is broken. We miss you! We'll look forward to when you're back!!

  4. You poor thing. I hope it is fixed soon. Although, it might also be a little freeing, huh? But I don't know what I would do if I couldn't check the weather or google...whatever.

  5. So sorry to hear your computer is darn - YIKES! Your post cracked me up!!

    Amazing how we rely on these little things called computers.

    Can't wait til your back into the technology world!

  6. Soooo, if I leave a comment, you won't see it? I am sorry your computer is down. Lord knows life would stop at my house if that was the case!

  7. Computers are made to be a help - and they are - until they fail - at which time we realize fully how completely ADDICTED we are! Is this good? Bad? I don't know, but please, anything but the computer!!!!!