Thursday, April 24, 2008


my legs hurt. they throb. they feel heavy. i do not want to move. i know i am gaining muscle, but was fat so bad? i do not want to move, but i must. i want to quit, i want to lie down in the middle of the street (i've only done it once), but something stirs me up to move... to run.
i hear it inside me, "run Denise, run... a little farther...a little"


  1. Come on Denise, you can do it!

    The coach for our marathon keeps reminding us that pain is weakness leaving the body. You are getting stronger - good for you keep it up!

  2. that is beautiful kristen. i want to look at it that way. ugghhh, but i sure do have a lot of weakness.

  3. that little voice inside you is actually your bladder telling you if you don't run it will!

  4. You can do it Denise!! I'm there with you! We can do it together!!

  5. Run Denise run. See Denise run. Denise can run far. Denise can run fast. Denise is out of breath and her
    legs feel like jello. See Denise run.
    >(. .)<

  6. Yes!! Keep running.

    I want to know what you've only "done once" - run or lie down in the middle of the street? =)

    And yes, if it makes you feel any better, I would LOVE to live near you and eat choclate chip cookies and talk about our out of style clothes. =)

  7. Yay Denise! Running is the best!

  8. Way to go!

    I'll start running soon, I promise. :)

    You need to take a picture of you wearing those snazzy new running shoes!

  9. hahaha, this reminds me of when I started running and walking. It only hurts like that in the beginning...=)
    Good for you!