Friday, April 18, 2008


It was August of 1990, i was a senior in high school, and after being invited more times than i can count to come to church with a friend i finally did (there was a cute boy there). That evening the church introduced their new children's pastor and his family. i didn't know then that the 6th grade daughter of that man would soon be my friend, sister, neighbor, and co-worker to my hubby.
With 6 years between us, i am always surprised at how God brought us together. i believe he wrote her for my life. She had a vibrancy for life and God that matched my own. And, in a time when i was a new Christian being given wings to take off and soar, Melanie would join me on my flight.
17 years later we have experienced laughter, dreams, tears, despair, faith, growth, and much love.
i admire her wittiness, talent, depth, faith, and desire for Truth. She is beautiful, She is my God- sister.

I am long to stay, i am slow to leave, especially when it comes to you my friend.
You have taught me to slow down and to pick up my feet , it's the fine art of being who i am ...
And at the risk of wearing out my welcome, at the risk of self-discovery, i'll take every moment, and every minuet that you'll give me.

from Every Moment by Sara Groves


  1. That picture says it all about your friendship.

  2. great picture and beautiful tribute to your friend

  3. you have a way with words.

    God-sister...He gives us gifts in these women.

  4. What a priceless gift you have in each other. And how wonderful that your recognize it as such!

    Yay for Denise and Melanie!

  5. I ditto what Alana and Kristen said!

    God's providence is good! What a great gift.

  6. such a cute picture!! old friends are the very best sort...

  7. This is beautiful. Good friends and sisters are such a blessing!!