Friday, July 18, 2008


In just a few days Noah and Emilie will be off to camp for a week!

I know they will have a great time, make new friends, learn new songs, play wild games,
and that their hearts and minds will grab on even more firmly to Jesus. I am thrilled for them.

One thing they must do before going to camp is come up with camp names. These camp names must include their own names.
Emilie is thrilled with her camp name, "Emilieana Jones" (Indiana Jones).

We have a few ideas for Noah, "Noahffense" (No Offense), "For I Noah the plans I have for you," and "Jesus loves me this I Noah" (the last two are a little to sissy-ish for a 10 yr old boy, Mommy came up with them).

Noah has asked me to blog, he wants to see if any of my b.f's can come up with a name for him?

And while your at it, what would your name be?

It has taken me weeks to come up with my own, but I finally got one!!
"Head, shoulders, Denise, and toes"


  1. Whata ya Noah?

    Gotta get to Noah. (get to know ya)

    Do you Noah another Jones?

    The other Jonas, Noah Jones. (as in Jonas brothers)

  2. LOVE it!

    Sorry----I'm Noah help today! :(

  3. How about Noah Vacancy, Needta Noah, or Noah Way!! Do I get a prize if he picks one of mine? You know I'm alll about the prizes. Look forward to catchin' up with ya.

  4. How about SNoahMan or SNoahStorm or SNoahBall or SNoahKidding!???

  5. ummmm, Noah Fear?

    Yeah, well I hope you guys came up with something better than I did.

  6. how fun that they have to come up with camp names.

    my creativity meter is at an all time low but i will keep thinking to see if i can come up with something.

    i love your camp name Denise :o)

  7. how about noway jose, the portugese version of his name?