Tuesday, July 15, 2008

traditions and 9 year olds!

I have much to post on!

But first, yesterday was my Emilie's 9th birthday!
A few of our birthday traditions include a visit from the birthday fairies (a.k.a mommy & daddy) who decorate and prepare a birthday breakfast. In our house the celebrating begins the moment you wake up! The birthday breakfast is always served on your plate.
When each of the kiddos was born i went to Color Me Mine and painted them each their own plate. Noah's says "We Are Blessed, " Emilie's says, "We Are Too Blessed," and Josie's says, "We Are Sooo Blessed."

It is a rule in our home that you are not your new age until the moment of your birth (this is a rule because it helps this mommy to not become overly emotional, i feel that i get a few more hours of keeping them just as they are). Everything stops at that moment and everyone surprises you singing, "Happy Birthday" (thankfully all my kiddos were born in the afternoon).

You get to choose whatever you want for dinner (i recall making spaghetti and bbq'd hot dogs for a 3 yr old Noah).

And we ALWAYS give birthday blessings. We all share our favorite memories or qualities we see in the birthday person.

Blessings and favorite Emilie moments- her confidence and personality as she portrayed Harriet Tubman in a wax museum night at her school, seeing her grow and challenge herself on the piano, her kindness, helpfulness, and thoughtfulness, we love that she is a very good friend, we love how she plays with her siblings, her creativity, her art, skiing, her willingness to try new things, back packing, worshiping with her at church, her love of reading, her love of her family, her love of Jesus.

Tomorrow we are having a swim party to celebrate her birthday with a handful of friends. How do you like our invitations!


  1. I love all your traditions!!! Your kids must feel so very special on their birthdays! I really wish I'd started specific traditions... do you think it's too late??

    So what time were you born Denise? I'll definitely remember since we share a b'day. I was 3:14pm. :)

  2. linda,
    i was born Nov. 16th 1973, at 11:47 p.m.

  3. how cute! She looks so much like you!! When I was a kid, we always started the celebration first thing in the morning as well. I admire these traditions because your children will remember them forever and have such happy memories because of them!

  4. Happy Birthday to your Emily! I love the traditions. We too celebrate from the moment the day begins. Growing up we got to pick breakfast, lunch & dinner...it was a marvelous day. Probably why I love my birthday so much!

  5. Happy Birthday to your sweet sweet Emilie!

    I love your traditions - thanks for giving us a glimpse into birthdays in the Jones household.

    I love her birthday invitations- what a clever idea. I hope she has a wonderful day today at her party.

  6. I love the invitations! That is so stinkin' clever! What fun traditions too. I'm sure all the kids feel super special on their birthday.

  7. Wow...you really mailed those noodles? How cute is that? Loved reading about your birthday traditions. We are just this year getting into a groove that way. In the past we have done their friend parties on or close to their actual birthdays so it seemed like their actual birthday got kind of lost, but just recently I figured out that they really are enjoying the family celebrations (complete with fun traditions) the most!

  8. Happy Birthday sweet girl!

    Sounds as though your mom makes birthdays special in your home----what a blessing to have her as your mom!