Friday, July 25, 2008

too quiet

Josie and I took the Amtrak train/bus to S.L.O. for a few days to visit family.
Josie LOVED playing with her cousins. And I enjoyed weather in the mid 70's, relaxing, and Smores (thanks Lindsey).

Now we are home and it's quiet, too quiet.

Before they left for camp, the noise was making me, well, CRAZY!
To be honest, I didn't like myself all that much. Playing referee is exhausting.

They are kids. They make noise- silliness, laughter, arguing, asking, yelling, wanting, needing,
crying, playing, dreaming, exploring, creating, hoping, knowing, singing, dancing, jumping... NOISE!

Sometimes I want a bit of quiet, until it's too quiet, and then I want my noise back.


  1. Isn't that funny how that happens? You want what you can't have until you have it and then you don't want it.

    Hang in there and enjoy the quiet. The noise will return soon enough!

  2. I have been feeling a bit crazy and not liking myself so much either. Toddlerhood and and older one who is proficient at teasing are not the best blend!! We are all working very hard at better language skills and praying for the Lord's help!!

    Can't believe you were in SLO!! It'd be so fun to meet sometime! :)

  3. absence makes the heart grow fonder - even for noise. i am sure they are having a great time at camp but they will be longing for home and time with their mommy.