Tuesday, April 21, 2009


it's hot here. 90 degrees in april!
it does this every year it goes from freezing cold to HOT!
we never get to ease into the heat (which can get to a miserable high of 113 during the summer).
it's long sleeves and scarves one day, followed by shorts and flip flops the next.

i want spring!
is there a place where they have spring?
i want to go there.
do you live where they have spring?

can i come for a visit?

thankfully my girls don't seem to mind the heat.


  1. ummm hello neighbor IDAHO!!!! although we are 85 today but it will cool off later this week again and we will be 60's and 70's again for a bit. you are welcome anytime - just don't mind the mess :o)

  2. i just reread the first part of my comment - i didn't mean it to sound (read) sassy. sorry! just getting yoru attention- idaho has spring. thank you. and sorry!

  3. that was so not sassy! i know, because i am the queen of sassy.
    you got my attention neighbor!

  4. I hear you there. We are baking in the high 90's pushing a 100 today. Another day of record breaking temps and another day of perpetual sunny skies.

    Give me a place where it is cloudy, rainy and cold most of the time, where its green. Does that place exist????

    Love your post, my kids are looking for some fun in the sun today, let's just keep the doors closed and the air on inside. Iced tea anyone?

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. us too.


    that's all i have to say.

  6. I have a great idea!

    How 'bout if we trade places...it was 20C (that's like 70F I think) here today. Very acceptable weather. BUT Thursday it's suppose to drop down to 0C (umm I think that's like 30F) and SNOW. Grrr...we don't have spring either.

    P.S Love the action shots!
    I wanna run through the sprinklers too. Oh well I guess I can make a snowman on thursday instead :)

  7. The sprinkler pictures are great! Just not for spring. We've actually had a great spring in Iowa. You should stop by. ;)

    We'll be in the 80's by the weekend and then a lot of rain next week. So, we take it as it comes.