Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ruffles & rick-rack

a couple of years ago my girls begged us for a pair of overalls (they really wanted to wear them here).
the overalls soon became their go-to item of clothing. of course (because i am cheap), i bought the overalls a size too big, knowing i could take up or let down the straps as they grew. however, the time has come, the straps have been let down as far as they'll go and the overalls are "high-waters."

but i'm not ready to let them go yet!

so i checked out a few blogs, copy-catted some ideas, and have prolonged the life of our beloved overalls.

what do you think? now, if only i could find a way to add ruffles and rick-rack to each of my children so i can keep them a bit longer.

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  1. The best ideas are stolen good ones!

    Those overalls are definitely worth the time it took to find the good idea and do it. I LOVE them! Your girls always look so cute and with all that cuteness you sewed on, they look even cuter.

    Good idea!

  2. so adorable. you have the best ideas!

  3. How adorable!

    Oh, how I'd love to add riffles and rick-rack to my little ones too :)

    Fantastic job! I may need to get some sewing lessons from you!

  4. Super cute! It's great that you extended the life of the overalls!! Looks like your sewing skills are getting some great practice! :)

  5. Love them!!! SUch a cute idea. Especially for my super tall beanpole girlie who is rocking highwaters every day. Oh, to have that problem... I think I am the one who is going to copy cat you!!!!

  6.! love them. you did a great job. you are so crafty. i am so glad i have a creative neighbor who can sew. when can you start my sewing lessons?

  7. Super cute! I saw this on another blog recently too. Only wish my boys would go for it. ;)

  8. So cute! Wish I could do something like that with my boys holey, too short jeans! ;-)