Thursday, July 23, 2009

heading for shore!

it was 113 degrees at my house earlier this week. the kids and i had been cooped up indoors for 5 days, and were on each others last heat-induced-cranky-nerve when the local weatherman spoke of cooling temperatures over the next few days. he promised "that the weather would drop, and instead of 113, temps would be down to 106."

Dear Mr. Weatherman,

we all know that as mommies we wear many hats. we are the resident cook, nurse, taxi, maid, teacher, seamstress, personal shopper, referee, etc.... well somehow i have also become the resident cruise director. i know my kids would be very happy if i began posting a weekly activities calendar. it's too bad for them (yet good for me) that i only post a weekly chore chart!

so monday, after 5 blazing HOT days cooped up inside with ms." i'm bored," ms. "i have nothing to do," and "mr. can i play wii" (for the 500,000 time), i was turning into,well, mrs. "don't mess with me." at some point mid afternoon i disappeared to mr. computer for a little company from the outside world. here i read my old friend jeff's facebook profile update stating that that he and his family were at sunset beach camping. i f.b. commented that i was "sorry to not be there" (they had invited us to join them sometime ago). at that moment good friends, 70 degree temps, and the beach sounded very appealing.

i returned to the real world, and to my job as cruise director, where i persuaded (forced) my unhappy kids to join me in a game of scrabble. somewhere between the words "felt" and "star," between the arguing and tears (5 days cooped up is not a good thing people), the phone rang... it was jeff, with the most beautiful words ever spoken to a mommy nearing insanity, "it's not too late for you to come and join us."

the questions of "could we go" and "should we go" quickly turned into "we have to go!"
so this cruise director instructed her cabin mates to pack up because we were
heading for shore!!

we enjoyed 24+ hours at Sunset Beach, 70 degree temps, and gracious friends. we topped it off with an evening at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk!what a treat it was to discover that on mon. and tues. evenings santa cruz beach boardwalk returns to 1907 by cutting the cost of treats such as soda, hot dogs, and cotton candy to just 75 cents. to top it off each ride is the cost of one 1.00 ticket! noah and emilie were THRILLED to discover our spontaneous adventure to the beach included a ride on the 6th oldest roller coaster in the u.s., the 85 year old giant dipper!thank you "jeff n' kelly hayes" (f.b. name) for rescuing us from the pit of heat despair!
we are BLESSED to have you as friends.

How are you staying cool and sane this summer?

you can pre-order the book The Church of Facebook ,written by Jesse Rice (another old friend) here.


  1. LOL... the pit of heat despair! 113 degrees is just wrong!! I'm glad you got to escape.

    It's cool hear on the coast, but I don't think I'm sane... I've been spending the week with 40+ 4 year olds at VBS! :)

  2. I love that you were able to just get out completely spur of the moment with the kids! We did that just this week and went on a roadtrip to Bakersfield kinda like Huwell Houser from California's Gold and stopped at places we would have normally driven right on past!

    Glad to see we got a fellow Californian blogging. We are down south but in the High Desert and have been sweltering as well.

    I don't think weatherman can tell what the weather is like until they are outside in those 113 degree heat!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. Yikes! 113 is waaaaay too hot for me too!

    How awesome to be able to escape spur of the moment! Looks like you guys had a very 'refreshing' time :)

  4. you could have come to idaho.. its only 90's here this week :o)

    looks like a fun time. i would have LOVED that roller coaster.