Friday, July 17, 2009

We're Going On A Bear Hunt

Emilie's 10th b-day was a blast!
She enjoyed a slumber party with 3 friends- which included lots of giggles, dress up, American girl play, games, pizza, and a "Bear Hunt."

The "Bear Hunt" was really a scavenger type riddle hunt. I created clues or directions for the girls to follow, and then taxied them all over our little town to their riddle's destination. Once there they posed for pictures, had an activity, and were given the next riddle.

It watches the lights change to red, yellow, or green,
There is nothing in Oakhurst it’s eyes haven’t seen.

It talks and it snarls to men from England named Charles,
While posing quiet well for a photo with Marie from Portugal.

It’s relatives are known to hibernate in winter,
Yet this one resides at our towns center.

Too much candy will make them rotten
Too much soda will cause decay
Too much sugar will keep him drilling

Not enough brushing and he’ll give you a filling
He’s good friends with a fairy who visits in the night

To leave you a dollar in exchange for a treasure that bites

Visit him twice yearly to keep them pearly white

Or when your 82 they will soak by your bedside at night.Wash, rinse, comb, trim
Curl, dry, set
Brush, spray, layer, perm
Black, blond, brunet

This place is “COOL”
And will quench your thirst
With beverages made just right

Warm, steamed, blended, or iced

Drizzled with caramel, what a tasty sight
Choose hazelnut, chocolate, or irish cream

It’s yummyness in a cup...

Know what i mean jelly “BEAN?”
The next part of the fun had the girls following direction.
They went to a local super market, here they were instructed to buy just 1 item each from a bin. The item had to begin with an initial from their name. They were relieved when the candy bins supplied their need. They were pleased at the check out counter when their items were 6 cents and under (one item was free because it was unweighable).
Their next and final mission was to find a specific employee. Once found she instructed them to go to the bakery, purchase plain cupcakes, and to race to the baked goods isle to get 1 topping each to decorate their cupcakes. They had just 3 minuets. Ready, Set, Go! We topped the fun off by decorating and devouring our cupcakes together, and singing one more hApPy BiRtHdAy to Emilie!!

Special thanks goes out to my friend julie for her creative help. Thank you also to all the businesses that participated. We live in a GREAT community!


  1. So clever, and what fun for the girls. You're a good mom! :o)

  2. What a fun and great idea!! You have created some very special memories for your very special Emilie!

  3. what a great party!! fun fun ideas. you are so clever and such a great mommy.

  4. ha! I can't believe what fun they had and that I missed checking out the blog for this long. LOVE the pictures and they way they really capture the fun moments. You really made a memory, not just for Emilie but for all the girls. ;)