Monday, July 6, 2009

me for you, you for me!

with big brother and big sister away at camp, josie has had the opportunity to have her mommy and daddy all to herself.

some of the perks of being an only child for 2weeks in the jones household include;

never sleeping in your own bed. josie made a fort in her room, and has slept in it every night (for those of you who know about my o.c.d. tendencies, the answer is yes, i have let her keep the fort up in her room the whole time).

inviting friends last minuet to lunch and swimming!


having full control of the t.v and wii remotes (though you don't know how to use them).

beating mommy and daddy at boardgames (except for hi-ho cherrio, sorry!)

walking hand in hand between mommy and daddy.

a manicure and pedicure from your personal cosmetologist. you give great tips!

eating out too many times, not having to share, picking your own meals.

barnes & nobles, and coldstone creamery at 9:30 p.m.

4th of july cuddling with mommy on the boat as we watched fireworks, and sleeping outside on the deck with daddy.

licking the spoon without any helpers.

our undivided attention when you share your silly stories and 7 yr old thoughts.

tea with mommy.

josie, you are a delight. i am thankful to have this time to really absorb you; to take in your words, your toothless grin, your songs, your hugs, your personality, your tenderness, and curiosities.
i am thankful that though you enjoy your time having us all to yourself, you too are grateful that this time is temporary. i am thankful that you really love your brother and sister, that you want them home.
i love who you are as a little person, it makes me excited for the big person you will be.


  1. Denise,

    What truly priceless memories you have and are creating for your daughter Josie in these special two weeks. It is something that neither of you will ever forget.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. So sweet!

    I love when I have one of the kiddos all to myself...even if it's just for a couple hours :)

    What beautiful memories you have been making!

    Denise, you're an AWESOME mommy!

  3. sounds wonderful, denise. what a fun time!!

  4. yeah for josie. what a fun and special time.