Thursday, September 6, 2007

Give Away

One of my very favorite things is to hear a new song that stirs my heart. This song (below) is called Sacred. It is a song that makes you want to grab your kiddos, squeeze them tight and dance! AND I'm giving away this c.d. Overdressed by Caedmon's Call to one of you!
Simply respond in comments by sharing a "Sacred" parenting moment. I'll randomly choose a # at the end of the give away to choose a winner.

this house is a good mess
it's the proof of life
no way would i trade jobs
but it don't pay overtime
i'll get to the laundry
i don't know when
i'm saying a prayer tonight
cause tomorrow it starts again

could it be that everything is sacred?
and all this time
everything i've dreamed of
has been right before my eyes

the children are sleeping
but they're running through my mind
the sun makes them happy
and the music makes them unwind
my cup runneth over
and i worry about the stain
teach me to run to you
like they run to me for every little thing

could it be that everything is sacred?
and all this time
everything i've dreamed of
has been right before my eyes

when i forget to drink from you
i can feel the banks harden
Lord make me like a stream
to feed the garden
wake up, little sleeper
the Lord God Almighty
made your Mama keeper so rise and shine
rise and shine

could it be that everything is sacred?
and all this time
everything i've dreamed of
has been right before my eyes


  1. (This comment was at post below, but is meant for the drawing)
    holly said...

    This song says so much -we take for granted the simple things that happen each day.

    One of my scared moments -
    Taylor was 18 months, the little “I’m naked” head-butting screecher, when I walked into the living room and found him pounding a fork into our coffee table. My first reaction was - Oh MY GOSH – he’s ruined it! Then I stopped to pause, because I knew I only had a short time with this little guy and that those dents would be precious to me someday.

    I love that coffee table because of those little dents and often rub my hands over it as I remember that little boy who is now almost a man.

  2. This is sacred:

    Like any good mom, I'm always seeking ways to better my parenting. Along my path to enlightenment, I was urged by a radio expert to try getting on my toddler's level and discussing the problem. (Hold off on going straight to a quick swat or time out.) Of course, I quickly had a chance to practice this technique. It went something like this:

    Me: "Blake, why did you take that toy from Brooke?"
    Blake: "I wanted it, and she wouldn't share with me."
    Me: "Did you ask her first?"
    Blake: "Yes, and she said no."
    Me: "So then you took it from her?"
    Blake: "She wasn't going to give it to me, and then she got mad at me."
    Me: "Do you know why she got mad at you?"
    Blake: "Because she didn't want to share?"
    Me: "Well, was she happy when she was playing with the toy?"
    Blake: "Yes."
    Me: "Don't you want her to be happy?"
    Blake: "Yes, but she's mean when she won't share."
    Me: "Would you be upset if you were happily playing with something and she just took it from you?"
    Blake: (After a long blank look and sigh)"Mama...this is boring."

    (Note to self: back to instant timeouts and swats for you kiddo.)

  3. I need to listen to that song daily and be reminded of how sweet life really is right now.

    I have a 31/2 yr old girl, Autumn, and a 22 month old boy, Luke. A few months ago my husband and I witnessed a conversation between Autumn and Luke that was quite touching. You see, Luke had just gotten his diaper changed and of course it was a messy one. The kids were saying good night to each other and with Autumn in her daddy's arms and Luke in mine, this is what we heard:

    Autumn: (in the most sincere voice) "Luke, did you poop?"

    Luke: (in a can-you-believe-it voice) "Yes."

    Autumn: (comforting) "Oh, it's okay."

    And that was it. Autumn really cared about what had happened with Luke. It's the first of many conversations between our children we will cherish!

  4. I didn't read the other comments cause I'm so busy crying.
    Days of looking at my child locked in a body that won't allow him to shout out how he feels or tell me when he's low or find a way to crawl out from his social cocoon are bringing me to my knees. I forget the precious blessings that smiles, laughs, and small jokes mean. I need to be filled with reminders that God has made him who he is to show his glory in our weakness. I wanna dance, but I need a partner to show me how right now. I need Jesus to show me those steps I have forgotten.

  5. Jules - your post made ME cry. I don't know you at all, but oh, goodness -- some special prayers for you tonight.

    Just had to come out of lurkdom on this one! I've enjoyed your blog for a few weeks now -- I followed the link on Sarah's blog. I simply adore that picture of you dancing -- what a spirit you have!

    One of my most recent "sacred" parenting moments is when the four of us were piled into one double bed this weekend at a little hotel in the mountains. It was supposed to be bedtime, but it turned into one big wrestling and tickle match and I don't know that any of us can get any happier than that. A double bed and some pajamas -- who knew?

  6. What a great post! I don't know that I can pick a specific thing but these are some sacred moments to me:

    * holding my newborn after birth
    * nursing my newborn in the middle of the night
    * watching my kiddos love on each other, celebrate each other, work together on a project, and become friends
    * snuggling with my kiddos to read a book, talk about the day
    * watching my kids have an "aha" moment about life, God
    * the first time a little one looks at you and says I love you-without any prompting

    Karen Kingsbury has a book called Let Me Hold You Longer(I can't read it without crying) and she talks about treasuring all the "lasts". She prays God will help her remember the lasts and hold on to those memories. The time goes by so quickly, all the little moments are sacred to me. I pray I can remember all those little things in my mind but also in my heart.

  7. I didn't read the lyrics to the song...I just want to register for the raffle!

  8. Denise, I posted on my site today my answer to your question. Thank you so so much for getting me to think and search myself.

  9. Like "I'm Tara", have been following your post through Sarah's for a bit now & have enjoyed it. You really got me to think this morning. I think for me the "sacred" is when the Lord teaches me things through the simple ways of my children. Or the sitting for awhile teaching my 4yr old how to blow a bubble with his gum...or the sweetness of sitting with my husband - even if it is for 5 minutes (because we have 3 children under 4yrs old!) Thank you for making me think though & allowing me to see everything as a sacred blessing.

  10. Once you suffer the loss of a child (we lost our son Matthew 3 months shy of his 3rd birthday), you realize that each moment you breathe is sacred. Life is sacred because it is God given.

  11. The lyrics are beautiful - even if I don't win the cd, I'm finding the music!

    My sacred moment...
    Claire is 10. When she was a new baby, I slept with her for 2 weeks. Then came the "weaning" of the sleeping arrangements...and the crying began. One special night, I put her down, and she started to cry. I didn't know what I should do, should I get her? Let her cry? I was so exhausted, so frustrated. I prayed, but realized soon that I wasn't really EXPECTING God to answer me about something so silly as that, in His great big scheme of all things! I confessed as much to Him, and asked Him to give me more faith in His reality and the practical wisdom He had for my life, his rule over ALL things, as well as His concern over even the smallest things. The lights were low, soft music was on, and my husband was gone for awhile. Suddenly, I had this terrific desire to HOLD my baby, so I flew to her room, scooped her up, and we sat in my bedroom, quietly rocking in the dim light with that soft music playing in the background. And I was at peace, not allowing my mind to wander. I was grateful.
    I still remember that moment clearly, 10 years later. Sometimes I wish I could go back - but I know I would not do it differently.
    There is a time for everything, but that night was a time to make a memory, and God knew that. That is my sacred mothering moment.