Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Today Noah and Emilie had class at the home school academy we are with. Class is 2x per month from 8:30 -2:30. This year they are learning about the Civil War, as well as math, computer, p.e., writing, language and more. I am so thankful that we have this opportunity with homeschooling.
I like that my kids get a taste of learning with other teachers. I like that they have classmates, as there is much to gain and learn in relationships. I like that we have a community of homeschooling families around us. I love when they come home and excitedly share their day.

Today, after a few a.m. Kindergarten lessons, Josie and I went to Fresno (for those out of this area, this is the nearest city to us, 45min. away. We do have a small town only 25 min. away).
I took advantage of the time in the car by doing a bit of carschooling.
We covered language with a Brothers Grimm story that I found at a fun web sight called Stoynory. At Storynory you can download many free children's stories to your i-tunes. You can copy these to c.d. or down load them to your i-pod and listen to them on a day when you are doing more carschooling than homeschooling.
When we arrived in Fresno we went to the Fresno Library, and to the Great Harvest Bread Company.

For you local folks, if you haven't gone to the Fresno Library you absolutely must! It is terrific! And you can return books at our local library. Btw- it is library card month, get your kids their library cards and a free ice cream cone!

The Great Harvest Bread Company is located next door. They mill their wheat daily, all bread is baked fresh daily, and sampling is mandatory! I recommend sampling the Cinnamon Chip bread, then buying a loaf ($6.00 and worth it) to bring home. You can also set up a field trip for a small group.

For those wanting a bit more fun, beautiful Woodward Park is near by.

After school the kiddos had their first day of AWANA's. Thank you to everyone who serves.
A verse that comes to mind as I think of AWANA's, the kids, and your service is, "The truth that has been revealed to you will not be taken from you or your children's children." Duet 29:29. Thank you for revealing "Truth" to my children through the word, affection, encouragement and fun!


  1. stopped in from Gathering Grace...and saw GREAT HARVEST...that sould have been on the "works for me" list!!

    isn't it a blessing to have those homeschool groups and classes...Ours are on Friday and they bless our socks off!!

  2. This song says so much -we take for granted the simple things that happen each day.

    One of my scared moments -
    Taylor was 18 months, the little “I’m naked” head-butting screecher, when I walked into the living room and found him pounding a fork into our coffee table. My first reaction was - Oh MY GOSH – he’s ruined it! Then I stopped to pause, because I knew I only had a short time with this litle guy and that those dents would be precious to me someday.

    I love that coffee table because of those little dents and often rub my hands over it as I remember that little boy who is now almost a man.

  3. First of all, I spent at least 6 years in AWANA and I know so much of the Bible just because of it. So great...also, the Fresno library looks so fun and who doesn't love bread! Your post on the CC song is making me think tonight...thank you.

  4. oops comment in the wrong spot - but I’ll comment on the bread - YUMMMMMMM Cinnamon Chip!