Thursday, June 11, 2009

my 5 favorite words

"I wanna sit by mommy"
we had just finished our good bye bass lake dinner at millers landing, and were walking back to the boat. the boat was taking us back to the house, back to the vehicles already packed, ready to be driven home.

that is when my 3 started chanting in a choral round,
"i wanna sit by mommy."
their chanting turned into arguing, and into "i said it firsts." i told them they could all sit by me, as there is plenty of mommy for all of them to sit next to (especially after all of the vacation eating i have been doing for 3 weeks).

and as they cozied up to me i thought to myself, why? wasn't i the one who told him i was unhappy he had stained his new t-shirt, didn't i make her vacuum the stairs in the lake house, and wasn't she unhappy about the 2 day old tangles in her hair that i had to brush through.

sometimes i wouldn't blame them if they were done with me. sometimes i am done with me.

but by God's grace these kids LOVE me, and want me, still.


  1. it is amazing what age + christ love can= ?
    love you

  2. Love this!

    I am often overwhelmed that even through all my failures and shortcomings as a parents my kids still "wanna sit by mommy" too!
    God's grace is so amazing.

    Beautiful Post Denise!

  3. Kids just love unconditionally! Love the beautiful picture. I am sure that will be placed someplace prominent in your home.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. aww - they love you so much.

    great picture!