Tuesday, June 16, 2009

twirly skirts

during vacation, my sis-in-law lindsey and i whipped up these twirly skirts for my girls.sewing with lindsey is always lots of fun. she is okay with the "imperfections," and sees the beauty in them. this makes it easier to learn to tackle something new (like sewing) along side her.
i began writing down directions and taking pictures (i'm a visual learner) in hopes i would be able to make more skirts on my own, but half way through the jotting down and photographing i called it quits! i enjoyed that lindsey was doing all the thinking, all i had to do was follow directions and sew. i figure if i see something i love that lindsey has whipped up (which happens a lot) i'll just load the kids and the sewing machine up in the ol' mini-van and drive over to s.l.o. for a lesson.
after all lindsey won't mind... will you linz!

how do you like this posey pin we made to compliment the twirly skirts?
you can buy your own posey pin, and a number of things at lindsey's shop, The Pleated Poppy.


  1. Too beautiful for words!! I love these twirly skirts, every girl should have one!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. Your girls are so sweet, beautiful photos.

  3. you are too sweet! and i like sewing with you too, probably because i get to boss you around... and you listen! come visit anytime, we already miss you!