Sunday, June 14, 2009


i'm home. everything is unpacked and put away. but i'm still unpacking. i've realized that i have brought home an additional piece of luggage... the one that is in my heart.
the time away from our home and in bass lake was full. i feel as if i have packed each person, conversation, all the embraces, laughter, tears, wonder, every moment in a suitcase. this is a suitcase i won't be able to empty in a day. i don't know where it's contents go.
but God does.
even as i write God has given me this beautiful image of a chest of drawers. each drawer being filled with sweet memories.

and here is the thing, at the end of this unpacking the drawers won't close neatly. no, they'll look more like my chest of drawers from high school (o.c.d. didn't set in till motherhood. my teenage drawers were a mess), with moments spilling out of them, into other drawers.
that is my God. my God causes me to have "life in the full." He blesses me with moments to cause my heart to spill over.

below are pix from some of my favorite moments-
jumping into real life friendship with blog friends sarah and the f.o.t. campfire with sarah, squeezing in as many words as we could, desperate for more time together, followed by a good let-me-keep-you-longer hug.the feast of tents; heart stirring messages with al siebert, moving worship with chad markley, the song You Gave Your Life Away that still resonates in my soul, the cross covered in portraits signifying the intimacy we have with our Maker. conversations kristen and i shared. sharing the cracks in our armor, amazed by God's grace.

sharing kristen with lindsey.

watching the kids play and really enjoy each other.

my 3 on uncle pluto's lap. they LOVE uncle pluto.being rescued by the mole! ahhhhhh!! what we originally thought was a mouse turned out to be a big, furry, mole in the house!time with the hayes' family (jeff and i have been friends since jr.high). it is a joy to have a friend who is a brother. we delight in each other and in each others families.
be on the look out for a video highlighting our time.
can't wait to share more with you!


  1. a mole in the house - AAAH!! where was the pesky little guy and what did you do with him?

    the video - i am squinting. the entire time. i look like a dork!

    loved the post and your sweet sweet heart.

    can't wait to see the highlight video.

    miss you. love you!

  2. I love that image.

    A chest of drawers being so full it causes your sweet memories to spill out into the other drawers.
    It is so encouraging to me to see you experience the fullness that God really does intend for us.

    Love all the sweet pictures (well, except for that mole. He totally freaks me out!)

    Thanks for sharing your family and friends, and for sharing your heart!

    Looking forward to the video!