Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Oh Baby!

this is the follow up post to Make It and Love It.

i told you i was going to attempt to place appliques on onsies, but i CHICKENED OUT!!
i took one look at the onsies and realized that the material was so flimsy that i wouldn't have a finished product i liked in the end (tell me where do you buy good quality onesies these days).

i decided to embellish some burp cloths instead.
they turned out fine, and compliment the cushy blocks nicely.

and here is a $ saving tip for you, decorate a gift bag.
instead of spending up to $5.00 for a gift bag, i purchased a solid colored bag, got out some old scrap-booking supplies (i gave up scrap-booking shortly after josie was born), and whipped up this bag. a little creativity goes a long way, especially in this economy!

what creative, $ saving, gift giving tips do you have?


  1. Denise ~
    I'm so proud of you for Shredding!! Great job! I'm starting the Shred over again and I am going to lose some inches!! Have a great day and keep up the hard work. And your loathing of Jillian is normal. ;)