Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day and Spiders


i remember my first Mother's Day. it was 10 years ago, i walked into church a proud brand new mother caring Noah, who was just one week old. i delighted in him as church family took a peek at our sweet bundle. i sang each praise song and hymn with more passion and determination for now i was mommy and "The Lord God Almighty made me keeper of this child's life" (words from Sacred). The most important thing i recall from that first Mother's Day is this.. my face hurt from smiling. These little people do that, fill our hearts with so much joy, it hurts!

Today, i hug them, look at them and praise God for His faithfulness in the yesterdays, as i wonder about their tomorrows. And, i thank them for making me Mommy, as i let them know i have the best job ever!

AND NOW! i was almost killed today!!!
we were on our way to church, when my hubby lowered his visor in the car, and then shrunk back in his seat as he drove and pointed speechless at this spider
(this is the actual size of the spider)
i started to unbuckle my seat belt and open the car door to jump out (yes, apparently i think i am one of the Duke's of Hazard). i am laughing even as i type this, that i even thought to do that, but look, i just wanted OUT! Thankfully Michael pulled over. And yes, i was out of the car before it came to a complete stop. Like any good mother i comforted the kids from OUTSIDE the vehicle as they were screaming in the backseat. Soon, Michael rescued us all, i was back in the car, screaming had turned to laughter, and we were on our way.

Btw- you should know i am not afraid of spiders in general. i can kill a household spider with ease and dispose of it. But this was HUGE, and crawling my way, and it was furry, and...

i am afraid of snakes and mice ( i was almost killed by a mouse in my garage a few weeks ago. it was right by my arm!! and there was a snake in my garage last week! i'm really not safe).


  1. I would have done the same thing! I would have been afraid to get back in the car for fear that another one was in there. You're very brave in my book :)

  2. i would have done the same thing. i hate spiders-i have arachnophobia , but i will kill them unless they are really creepy and big. yesterday i was attacted by 2+ small spiders out side, thankfullky!

  3. hahaha, this made me laugh so hard. I have so many funny stories of spiders - and I HATE THEM - ALL. I would have done the same thing as you!

    Last year, on our anniverary, my husband and I were on a little weekend getaway - I won't go into all the details, but lets just say one evening I looked down on the white sheets as I sat and watched TV and there was a huge scorpion crawling on the bed toward me! I almost died of fright!

  4. Oh my goodness! I had to scroll quickly through the picture of the spider because....AAAAACCCCCKKKKK!!!!

    I have often worried at what I might do if there was ever a spider in my car...especially if I was driving.

  5. FYI - this is why I never and I mean *never* leave the windows down in my car in the garage. Not even for 2 minutes. *shudder* Eeeeeek! I just read about the snakes, too. Um...yeah. Pack it up, sister. :)

    Oh, and happy mother's day!

  6. This made me laugh so hard! Not only because it was sooo funny but because I could totally relate to jumping out of the car before it had stopped. Thanks for the laugh I needed that today.